FY 2000-2019

Program YearUniversityAccount NumberProject NameStatusCompletion Date
2019USF71811-00Understanding Ridership Trends in TransitFinal Report2019-02
2018USF79062-21Florida’s Public Transit and Women’s Safety – Real and Perceived Concerns (Scope)Scope2018-05
2018USF79063-17Smartphone-based Connected Bicycle Prototype Development for
Sustainable Multimodal Transportation System
2018USF71846-00Enhancing Cybersecurity in Public TransportationScopeOngoing
2018USF79062-19Media Framing of Fatal Bicycle Crashes in Hillsborough County: A Critical Discourse AnalysisFinal2018-09
2018USF79063-18Campus Automated Shuttle Service Deployment InitiativeScopeOngoing
2018USF79061-19Increasing the Desirability of Transit and All Other Travel Choices via Best Workplaces for CommutersScopeOngoing
2018USF79063-20Public Transit in America 2017ScopeOngoing
2018USF79062-20Improving Transportation Access to Health Care ServicesScopeOngoing
2018USF79063-19Improving the Quality and Cost Effectiveness of
Multimodal Travel Behavior Data Collection
2018USF79063-01CUTR Transportation Webcast Series-
2018USF77974-00Pilot of a Community-Based Voluntary Behavior Change EffortFinal2018-05
2017USF/UIC79050-02-CMobility Case Studies: Where Integrated Corridor Management Has Worked and WhyFinal2017-05
2017USF/UIC79050-02-CRanking Northeast Illinois New Starts Transit Potential Expansion for Metra and CTAFinal2017-07
2017USF77969-00Improving Access to Transit Thru Crowd Sourced InfoFinal Report2017-11
2017USF/UIC79050-02-CPublic Transit to Public Lands: The Nature ExpressFinal2017-05
2016USF77964-00Developing Guidelines for Incorporating Managing Demand into WSDOT Planning and Programming: Transportation Demand Management Guidance for Corridor Planning StudiesFinal2016-02
2016USF/NDSU79060-02-AEstimating Ridership of Rural Demand-Response Transit Services
for the General Public
2016USF77963-00Florida Statewide TDM ClearinghouseFinal2017-01
2016USF79060-21Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicle Technology for Transit 2016 UpdateFinal Report2016-04
2016USF/NDSU77060-NCTR-NDSU10Innovative Approach to Estimating Demand for Intercity Bus Services in a Rural EnvironmentFinal2016-12
2016USF/UTC79060-02-CIntegrated Approaches to EV Charging Infrastructure and Transit System PlanningFinal2016-07
2016USF/NDSU77060Characterization of Transit Ride QualityFinal2016-08
2016USF77980-00Ongoing Evaluation of Alternatively
Fueled Buses
2016USF/FIU79060-02-BState of Good Repair Performance Measures: Assessing Asset Condition, Age, and Performance DataFinal2016-06
2016USF79000Implications to Public Transportation of Emerging TechnologiesFinal2016-11
2016USF79060-17Guidebooks for Estimating Total Transit Usage through Extrapolating Incomplete CountsFinal2016-09
2016USF/NDSU79060-02-AWorkforce Development and Succession Planning to Prepare the Rural Transit Industry for the FutureFinal2016-07
2016USF77967-00Methodology for Linking Greenways and Trails with Public Transportation in FloridaFinal report2016-02
2016USF79060-21Evaluation of Automated Vehicle Technology for Transit – 2016 UpdateFinal2016-04
2015USF/UTC79060-02-CIntegrated Modeling of High Performance Passenger and Freight Train Planning on Shared-Use Corridors in the USFinal2015-02
2015NDSU/USF79060-02-CIdentifying and Satisfying the Mobility Needs of North Dakota's Transit SystemFinal Report2015-04
2015USF79062-17USF Sustainable Cities Initiative Program SupportScope2015-03
2015USF71636-00Florida Statewide Transit Technical Assistance and Training Scope2015-05
2015USF/UIC79060-02-CDevelopment of an Analytical Framework to Rank Pedestrian and Cyclist ProjectsFinal2015-10
2015USF/NDSU77060-NCTR-NDSU10Innovative Approach to Estimating Demand for Intercity Bus Services in a Rural EnvironmentScope2016-12
2015USF/UIC79060-02-CAnalysis of Built Environmental Features and Effects on Freight ActivitiesFinal2015-10
2015USF/NDSU77060-NCTR-NDSU06Developing a Method for Assessing National Demand-Response Transit Level of ServiceFinal Report2015-10
2015USF77970-00Technology Application among Florida Community Transportation CoordinatorsFinal Report2015-10
2015USF/UTC79060-02-CMode Choice Modeling Using Personalized Travel Time and Cost DataFinal2015-05
2015USF905R0-2Synthesis of Research on the Use of Idle Reduction Technologies in TransitFinal report2015-10
2015USF79061-17Evaluation of HART MetroRapid BRTFinal Report2015-08
2015USF/FIU79061-02-BSafe and Accessible Pedestrian Facilities Inventory Model (SAPFIM) Final ReportFinal Report
2015USF/TAMU79062-02-ATransit's Contribution to Livability in Rural Communities: Exploration Method and Materials, Phase IIScopeOngoing
2015USF/UTC79060-02-CTransit Value Capture Coordination: Case Studies, Best Practices, and RecommendationsFinal2015-02
2015USF/FIU79050-02-BTraining Manual for Transit Service Planning and SchedulingFinal2015-02
2015USF/UTC79060-02-CMetropolitan Chicago Accessibility Mapping ProjectFinal2015-02
2015NDSU/USF79060-02-ALow-cost Ride Quality Characterizations for Transit Systems - ScopeScopeOngoing
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CAn Online Tool for Computing and Presenting Regional Accessibility MeasuresScopeOngoing
2014USF/UIC79060-02-CTransportation Needs Assessment: Planning Transportation to Meet the Needs of an Aging IllinoisFinal2014-06
2014USF71589-00Strategies to Prevent, Reduce and Mitigate Bus Collisions Scope2014-08
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CChicago Public Schools (CPS) Travel Training Evaluation Project ScopeOngoing
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CDevelopment of a Prioritization Framework to Improve Resources Allocations for Bike & Pedestrian FacilitiesScopeOngoing
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CAssistive Technology for Blind Pedestrians to Cross Roads SafelyFinal2017-1
2014NDSU/USF79060-02-ADevelopment of Public Transit II CourseScopeOngoing
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CWhen High Performance Passenger Rail Comes: Optimal Rail Service Planning in a Shared User Passenger and Freight Corridor ScopeOngoing
2014NDSU/USF79050-02-AEstimating Demand for Intercity Bus ServicesScopeOngoing
2014NDSU/USF79060-02-ANational Transit Demand ResponseFinal ReportFinal Report
2014USF/UIC79050-02-CChicago Public Schools (CPS) Travel Training Evaluation ProjectFinal2017-01
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CGreen Transportation Programs in the Healthcare Sector: Best Practices and Potential OpportunitiesScopeOngoing
2014USF/UIC79060-20-CPedestrian/Bicycle Safety at Grade CrossingsScopeOngoing
2014USF/NDSU77060-NCTR-NDSU04Rural Transit Fact Book 2014Final2014-08
2014NDSU/USF79060-02-ARural Transit Fact Book 2014ScopeOngoing
2014USF77975-00Evaluation of Automated Vehicle Technology for TransitFinal ReportFinal Report
2014USF/TAMU79061-02-ATransit's Contribution to Livability in Rural Communities: Exploration Method and Materials, Phase I ScopeOngoing
2014USF2117-9060-20Synthesis of Research on the Use of Idle Reduction Technologies in TransitScopeOngoing
2014FIU/USF79060-02-BInformed Traveler Program & ApplicationsFinal ReportOngoing
2014USF77965-00Florida Commuter Choice Training ProgramScopeOngoing
2013USF77939Recommendations for Yield-to-Bus Traffic Control Devices and Bus Pullout Bays Design Characteristics Final Report2013-05
2013USF79050-22Estimating the Impacts of Bus Service
on Roadway Congestion
2013USF77958-00Fl Statewide Transit Training and Technical Assistance ProgramScopeOngoing
2013USF77961-00Florida Transit Safety NetworkScopeOngoing
2013FIU/USF79060-02-BGuidelines for Bus Transit Stops in Highway Construction ZonesFinal ReportOngoing
2013USF34100-00Smart Parking Guidance SystemScopeOngoing
2013USF/UIC79060-02-CSafety & Security OversightScope2013-07
2013USF77960-00Impact of TDM on Managed Lanes Toll PricesFinal2015-03
2013NDSU/USF77060-NCTR-NDSU01Rural Transit Fact Book 2013Final Report2013-07
2013USF77951-00Impacts of Dialysis Transportation on
Florida’s Coordinated Public Transportation Programs
Final Report 2014-04
2013USF/FIU79050-17Transit Service Reliability:
Analyzing Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Data For On-Time Performance and to Identify Conditions Leading to Service Degradation
Final Report2016-11
2013USF77950-00Improved Traffic Control Measures to Prevent Incorrect Turns at Highway-Rail Grade CrossingsFinal Report2013-11
2013FIU/USF79060-02-BState of Good Repair Performance MeasuresScopeOngoing
2013USF77968-00Capturing the Benefits of Complete StreetsFinal Report2015-12
2013USF77956-00Investigation, Quantification and Recommendations – Performance of Alternatively Fueled BusesFinal Report2014-08
2013USF77953-00Bus Operator Safety Critical Issues Examination and Model PracticesFinal Report2014-01
2013USF/FIU79050-02-BAnalysis of Movable Bus Stop Boarding and Alighting AreaFinal2013-05
2013UIC/USF79050-18Transit Agency Adaptation to Extreme Weather Events: Cataloguing and Modeling, Costs, Decisions and BehaviorsScopeOngoing
2013USF77952-00Analysis of Transit Contracting Models and Proper Incentives for Long-Term SuccessFinal Report2014-02
2013USF77954-00Multimodal Transportation Best Practices and Model ElementFinal Report2014-06
2013USF79050-23National Alternative Fuel Bus ClearinghouseScopeOngoing
2013USF79050-19National Transit Network Level of Service Data and AnalysisScopeOngoing
2013USF79050-20National Transit Safety Research and
Assistance Center
2013USF77955-00Evaluation of Rear-End Bus Collisions and Identification of Possible SolutionsFinal report2014-03
2013USF/NDSU79050-02-ASURTC Training and OutreachScopeOngoing
2013USF77959-00Transit Manager Certificate ProgramScopeOngoing
2012USF77947Improving Cost Effectiveness of Financial Incentives in Managing TDMFinal Report2013-10
2012FIU/USF79050-02-BAnalysis of Movable Bus Stop BoardingScopeOngoing
2012USF77945Transit Boardings Estimation and Simulation Tool (TBEST) Calibration for Guideway and BRT ModesFinal Report2013-06
2012USF77948Integrating Transit with Road Pricing ProjectsFinal Report2013-06
2012USF77942Flexible Public Transportation in FloridaFinal Report2015-09
2012USF77944Effectively Managing Consumer Fuel Price Driven Transit DemandFinal Report2013-05
2012NDSU/USF77060-NCTR-NDSU03Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rural and Small Urban TransitFinal Report2014-07
2012USF/UIC79050-02-CValue Capture Tactics for Rail DevelopmentScopeOngoing
2012FIU/USF79050-02-BDevelopment of Training Manual for Transit ServiceScopeOngoing
2012USF77943Tracking Costs of Alternatively Fueled Buses in Florida - Phase IIFinal Report2013-04
2012USF77941A Tool for Assessing Economic Impacts of Public Transit SpendingFinal Report
Assessment Tool
2012USF/NDSU79050-02 AImplementing Transit Coordination in North Dakota Pilot RegionsFinal2012-12
2012NDSU/USF77060-NCTR-NDSU05Evaluating the State of Mobility ManagementFinal Report2014-10
2012USF77940Evaluation of Camera-Based Systems to Reduce Transit Bus Side Collisions – Phase II
Final Report2012-12
2012FIU/USF79050-02-BTransit Service Reliability: Analyzing Automatic Vehicle LocationScopeOngoing
2012USF77946Ridership Impacts of South Florida’s EASY Smart CardFinal Report2013-07
2012NDSU/USF77060-NCTR-NDSU02Improving Veteran MobilityFinal Report2014-02
2012USF/UIC79050-02-CPlanning the Last Mile: Shared Vehicles along the Illinois Rail corridorScope2013-03
2011USF77932Estimating Costs and Benefits
of Emissions Reduction
Strategies for Transit by
Extending the TRIMMS Model
Final Report2012-01
2011USF77934Analysis of the Status and Impacts of
NCTR Projects
Final Report2012-08
2011USF77930Best Practices in Bus Dispatch Final Report2012-06
2011USF77933Dynamic Delivery of the National Transit Database Sampling ManualFinal Report2013-02
2011USF77936Quantifying the Benefits of the Florida Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services (TRIPS) ProgramFinal Report2013-04
2011USF77938Forecasting Paratransit Services Demand – Review and RecommendationsFinal Report
Demand Model Spreadsheets
2011USF77937A Summary of Design, Policies and Operational Characteristics for Shared Bicycle/Bus LanesFinal Report2012-07
2011USF77931Assessing the Impact of Proposed Transit Investments and Public Policy Choices on Land Use Patterns (A Simulation Approach with UrbanSim)Final Report2012-10
2011USF77935Development of a
Regional Public Transportation
GIS Architecture and Data Model
Final Report2012-05
2010USF77928Enhancing the Connectivity
Of High Speed Rail in the
Orlando-Tampa Corridor
with Local Public
Transportation Systems:
Issues and Opportunities
Final Report2011-01
2010USF77925Exploration of Transit’s Sustainability CompetitivenessFinal Report2011-03
2010USF77924Florida Bus Maintenance Staffing PracticesFinal Report2011-06
2010USF79017Moving America on Transit – Innovation in Real-time Transit InformationFinal ReportOngoing
2010USF77926Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners
through Open Transit Data
Final Report2011-05
2010USF/NDSU79050-02-APublic Transit Regional Coordination Pilot ProjectsScope2011-06
2010USF77922Project UCARE: Uniform Commuter Assistance Reporting and Evaluation for TDM ProgramsFinal Report2013-10
2010USF77921Improving Value of Travel Time Savings Estimation for More Effective Transportation Project EvaluationFinal report2011-12
2010USF77920An Assessment of Public Transportation Markets Using NHTS Data Final Report2012-03
2010USF77923Exploring Opportunities to Expand Public Transportation Services in Florida Through Potential Private Sector Participation: Phase I – Analysis of Contracting for Fixed Route Bus Service Final Report2011-06
2010USF77927Tracking Costs of Alternatively Fueled Buses in FloridaFinal Report2011-12
2009USF77911Development of a Program Assessment Instrument for the Certified Transit Technician Program – Phase One Final Report2010-10
2009USF77910Moving the Bus Safely Back into Traffic Phase II Final Report2010-09
2009USF77904Travel Assistant Device – Deployment to Transit AgenciesFinal Report2010-08
2009USF77903Investigation of the Feasibility of Toll and Transit Agency Equity SharingFinal Report2010-04
2009USF77909Developing a Framework for a Toolkit for Carbon Footprint that Integrates Transit (C-FIT)Final Report2010-11
Air Quality Impacts of
Managed Lanes
Final Report2010-12
2009USF77905Evaluation of Camera Based Systems to Reduce Transit Bus Side CollisionsFinal Report2010-03
2009USF77902Expanding the Google Transit Data Feed Specification to Support Operations and PlanningFinal Report2011-11
2008USF77802Guidebook on Using American Community Survey Data for Transit PlanningFinal Report
ACS Statistical Analyzer Spreadsheet
Both as a zip file
2008USF77803Guidebook on Using Automatic Passenger Counters for NTD ReportingFinal Report2010-12
2008USF77806Synthesis of Research on Value of Time and Value of ReliabilityFinal Report2009-01
2008USF77804Dynamic Travel Information – Personalized and Delivered to Your Cell PhoneFinal Report
2008USF77810Utilizing Information Technology in Innovative Marketing Approaches for Public TransportationFinal Report
Routes to New Networks Guidebook
2008USF77805Quantifying Net Social Benefits of Vehicle Trip Reduction ImpactsFinal Report
Final Report and Spreadsheet in a zip file
2008USF77808Evaluation of Electronic Data Recorder for Incident Investigation, Driver Performance, and Vehicle Maintenance Final Report2009-09
2008USF77809Developing a Technique That Predicts the Impacts of TDM on a Transportation SystemFinal Report2010-03
2008USF77801TBEST Model Enhancements – Parcel Level Demographic Data Capabilities and Concepts for Park-and-Ride ModelingFinal Report2011-09
2008USF77807Evaluation of Smart Video for Transit Event Detection Final Report2009-06
2007USF77720Best Practices In Transit Service PlanningFinal Report2009-03
2007USF77714Enhancing Transit Safety and Security with Wireless Detection and Communication TechnologiesFinal Report2008-11
2007USF77701A Qualitative Analysis of Bus Simulator Training on Transit Incidents – A Case Study in FloridaFinal Report2013-06
2007USF77717Programs That Match Seniors With Volunteer DriversFinal Report2008-10
2007USF77722Exploration of a Shift in Household Transportation Spending from Vehicles to Public TransportationFinal Report
Both as a spreadsheet
2007USF77723Development of Comprehensive Guidance on Obtaining Service Consumed Data for National Transit Database (NTD) Final Report
Spreadsheet Tool
Spreadsheet Tool with Sample Data
2007USF77715Development of an NTD Tool for Vanpool ServicesFinal Report
NTD Tool Template
2007USF77712An Evaluation of Public Transportation Productivity Trends and Funding ChallengesScopeOngoing
2007USF77721Impacts of More Rigorous ADA Paratransit Eligibility Assessments on Riders with DisabilitiesFinal Report2009-05
2007USF77713Development of a Large Bus / Small Bus Decision Support Tool Phase 2Final Report
Bus Size Evaluation Tool
Both as a zip file
2007USF77716Integrating Transit and Urban FormFinal Report2008-12
2006USF77707Transit Extraboard Management-Optimum Sizing and StrategiesFinal Report2007-10
2006USF77710Developing a Printed Transit Information Material Design ManualFinal Report
Summary Card
2006USF77708Development of Alternative Measures of Transit Mode ShareFinal Report2007-05
2006USF77705Regional Fare Policy and Fare Allocation, Innovations in Fare Equipment and Data CollectionFinal Report2010-03
2006USF77706Toolbox for Transit Event InvestigationFinal Report2007-08
2006USF77711Travel Assistant Device (TAD) to Aid Transit Riders with Special NeedsFinal Report2008-08
2006USF77704Economics of Travel Demand Management: Comparative Cost Effectiveness and Public InvestmentFinal Report
TRIMMS Spreadsheet
2006USF77709Smart Phone Application to Influence Travel Behavior (TRAC-IT) Phase 3Final Report2008-03
77703Performance Measures and Best Practices for Incorporating Transit into the FDOT DRI Review ProcessFinal Report2008-08
2005USF77610Moving the Bus Back Into Traffic Safely - Signage and Lighting Configuration Phase IFinal Report2007-11
2005USF77603Validating T-BEST Models with 100% APC CountsFinal Report2007-02
2005USF77605Impact of Employer Based Programs on the Transit System Ridership and Transportation System PerformanceFinal Report
2005USF77601Transit Use Viability Among Older Drivers Losing Driving PrivilegesFinal Report
Technical Memorandum One
2005USF77609Testing the Impact of Personalized Feedback on Household Travel Behavior (TRAC-IT 2) Final Report2008-03
2005USF31009Development of Repair Time Standards for Engine and Transmission (Power Plant) Replacement of Transit VehiclesFinal Report2006-10
2005USF77604National Smart Transportation Archive Researcher (NSTAR) Best Practices GuideFinal Report2006-12
2005USF77607Transit Ridership, Reliability, and RetentionFinal Report2008-10
2005USF77602Finding Ways to Reduce Insurance and Bonding Costs for Major Transit Projects Final Report2006-09
2005USF77606Creative Ways to Manage Paratransit CostsFinal Report2008-07
2004USF576-02Public Transit in America: Analysis of Access Using the 2001 National Household Travel SurveyFinal Report2007-02
2004USF576-05A Return on Investment Analysis of Bikes-on-Bus ProgramsFinal Report2005-06
2004USF576-16Traveling Smart: Increasing Transit Ridership by Automatic Collection (TRAC) of Individual Travel Behavior Data and Personalized FeedbackFinla Report2005-08
2004USF576-14Teenage Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Transit UseFinal Report2005-08
2004USF576-15Enhancing the Rider Experience: The Impact of Real-Time Information on Transit RidershipFinal Report2005-07
2004USF576-12Case Studies in Environmental Justice and Public Transit Title VI ReportingFinal Report2005-08
2004USF576-11Incorporating TDM into the Land Development Process Final Report2005-10
2004USF576-03Bus Accident Reporting, Tracking and Analysis SystemFinal Report2006-08
2004USF576-08Strategies for an Intra-Urban Circulator SystemFinal Report2005-03
2004USF576-10Impacts of Transit Oriented Development on Public Transportation Ridership– Phase OneFinal Report2005-08
2004USF575-16Florida Journey to Work Fact Web-SiteFlorida Journey to Work2004-07
2004USF576-13Update Methodology for ADA Demand Estimates: Lessons LearnedFinal Report2005-07
2004USF576-04Guidebook for Start-up Transit AgenciesFinal Report2006-07
2004USF576-01Public Transportation Syntheses Series (III): Relationships Between Business and Public Transportation and Identifying the Characteristics of Successful Local Transit Circulator Systems in Residential Areas of Southeast FloridaRelationships Between Business and Public Transportation
Identifying the Characteristics of Successful Local Transit Circulator Systems in Residential Areas of Southeast Florida
2004USF576-09Special Event Transportation Service Planning & Operations Strategies for TransitFinal Report2006-03
2004USF576-07Using Local Transit On-Board Surveys for State-Level MeasurementFinal Report2006-08
2004USF576-06Reassessing Passenger Mile Data for Transit Planning and Fund AllocationFinal Report2005-04
2003USF527-14Price Elasticity of Rideshare: Commuter Fringe Benefits & Parking Cash-OutFinal Report2004-06
2003USF527-06Commuter Choice Program Case Study Development and Analysis
Appendix C: Characteristics of Employee Transportation Coordinators
Final Report
Appendix C
2003USF527-05Customized Sampling Plans: A Guide to Alternative Sampling Techniques for National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting Final Report2004-05
2003USF527-04Impacts of Transfer Fares on Transit Ridership and RevenueFinal Report2004-12
2003USF527-12Design Elements of Effective Transit Information MaterialsFinal Report2004-11
2003USF527-07Model Regulations and Plan Amendments for Multimodal Transportation DistrictsFinal Report2004-04
2003USF527-03Benchmark Rankings for Transit Systems in the United StatesFinal Report2004-12
2003USF526-102003 Transportation Management Association SurveyFinal Report2004-04
2003USF527-09Public Transit in America: Evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey Final Report2005-09
2003USF527-08Assessing the Hierarchy of Needs in Levels of Service Final Report2005-10
2003USF527-01Public Transportation Syntheses Series: Evaluation of USF Bio-Diesel Fueled Bull-Runner Service
Fixed Route Transit Scheduling in Florida: The State of the Industry
Evaluation of USF Bio-Diesel Fueled Bull-Runner Service
Fixed Route Transit Scheduling in Florida: The State of the Industry
2003USF527-13Designing Bus Transfer Facilities for Maximum Transit Agency and Community Benefit Final Report2004-12
2003USF527-02State Bus Transit Safety GuideFinal Report2005-03
2003USF527-10Evaluation of Shared Use Park and Ride Impact on PropertiesFinal Report2004-04
2003USF527-11Analysis of Florida Transit Bus AccidentsFinal Report2004-12
2002USF473-012003 Transportation AlmanacFinal Report2003-12
2002USF473-13-1Public Transportation Syntheses Series:
Safer Stops for Vulnerable Customers
Final Report2003-03
2002USF473-02Evaluation of First-Year Florida MPO Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Reports Final Report2001-12
2002USF473-13-4Public Transportation Syntheses Series: Commuter Choice Managers and Parking Managers Coordination: Public Transportation Synthesis SeriesFinal Report2002-11
2002USF473-13-2Public Transportation Syntheses Series: Fare, Free or Something in Between?Final Report2004-04
2002USF473-11Handbook of Automated Data Collection Methods for the National Transit Database
Alternate Fixed-Route Passenger Miles Template
Demand-Response Passenger Miles Template
Fixed-Route Passenger Mile Template
Vehicle Information Template
Final Report
Alternate Fixed Route Passenger Miles Template
Demand Response Passenger Miles Template
Fixed Route Passenger Miles Template
Vehicle Information Template
2002USF473-08Expanding Commuter Choice Tax Benefit OptionsFinal Report2003-10
2002USF473-06Why People Cross Where They Do: The Role of the Street EnvironmentFinal Report2002-09
2002USF473-09Best Practices in Voluntary Driving Cessation Programs for SeniorsFinal Report2003-12
2002USF473-04Transit Ridership Models at the Stop Level Final Report2004-12
2002USF473-13-3Public Transportation Syntheses Series: TDM in Europe: A Synthesis of Research Findings and Annotated Bibliography of TDM in EuropeFinal Report
2002USF473-10GIS Applications at Florida's Transit Agencies: Scope, Trends, and IssuesFinal Report2003-05
2002USF473-12Assessment of Transit Information Materials and Development of Criteria for Prototype Transit MaterialsFinal Report2003-04
2002USF473-13-5Public Transportation Syntheses Series: Building Transit Oriented Development in Established CommunitiesFinal Report2002-11
2002USF473-14Worksite Trip Reduction Model and ManualFinal Report2004-04
2002USF473-05Repair Time Standards for Transit VehiclesFinal Report2002-09
2001USF416-12Public Transit Investment Decisions: Per Capita Trends and ConditionsFinal Report2001-12
2001USF416-04Effectiveness of Bus Signal PriorityFinal Report
2001USF416-05Environmental Justice and Community Impact Assessment for Transit AgenciesFinal Report2002-01
2001USF416-07Synthesis of Securement Device Options and Strategies Final Report2002-03
2001USF415-13Where are the Future Transit Maintenance Technicians Coming From?Final Report2001-08
2001USF416-08-3Customer Surveying for Public Transit: A Design Manual Final Report2002-10
2001USF416-09The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit Training ProgramFinal Report2002-01
2001USF416-01Telecommunications and Its Future Role in the Public Transportation ArenaFinal Report2002-02
2001USF416-10Continuation and Enhancement of The Public Transportation Promotional Materials Clearinghouse Final Report2001-01
2001USF416-14An Examination of the Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Transit PerformanceFinal Report2003-05
2001USF415-14Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) and Golf Cart Safety TrainingNo ReportNA
2001USF416-03Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS) Mode Choice Modeling: Factors Affecting Transit Use and AccessFinal Report2002-07
2001USF416-02Pedestrian Mid-block Crossing DifficultyFinal Report2001-12
2001USF416-08-4Synthesis for Transit Non-User Surveys and AppendicesFinal Report
2001USF416-06Land Developer Participation in Providing for Bus Transit Facilities/Operations Final Report2002-03
2001USF416-11Quantifying the Business Benefits of TDMFinal Report2003-09
2001USF416-08-1/416-08-2An Exploration of Triangulation of Methodologies: Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology Fusion in an Investigation of Perceptions of Transit SafetyFinal Report2003-04
2001USF416-13National Transit Bus Accident Data Collection and AnalysesFinal Report2002-02
2000USF392-03The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit Training ProgramFinal Report2001-01
2000USF392-12Cops, Cameras, and Enclosures: A Synthesis of the Effectiveness of Methods to Provide Enhanced Security for Bus OperatorsFinal Report2001-05
2000USF392-06Conditions that Promote Creativity at Public Transit AgenciesFinal Report2002-07
2000USF392-09Evaluation of the Economic Viability of Narrow-Gauge Local Rail SystemsFinal Report2001-11
2000USF392-13Update of FDOT State Park & Ride Lot Program Planning ManualFinal Report2001-04
2000USF392-101999 Transit Customer Satisfaction Index for Florida Transit PropertiesFinal Report2000-10
2000USF392-14Pedestrian Mid-block Crossing DifficultyFinal Report2001-12
2000USF392-16Neighborhood Intermodal Transfer FacilitiesFinal Report2001-10
2000USF350-07Lessons Learned in Transit Efficiencies, Revenue Generation, and Cost Reductions Part IIFinal Report2003-07
2000USF392-11Assessment of Operational Barriers and Impediments to Transit UseFinal Report2001-12
2000USF350-13Bus Rapid Transit — Phase I Preliminary Evaluation of the South Miami-Dade Busway in Miami, FloridaFinal Report2002-10
2000USF350-11Analysis of the National Transit DatabaseFinal Report2003-08
2000USF392-01-1Analysis of the Florida Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Program/Projects: Technical Memorandum #1 – Review and Summary of Transit Corridor PlansFinal Report2000-05
2000USF392-15Bus Rapid Transit Technology: A Case Study of the LYNX LYMMO in Downtown Orlando, FloridaFinal Report2003-07
2000USF392-08Continuation and Enhancement of The Public Transportation Promotional Materials ClearinghouseFinal Report2001-01
2000USF392-01-3Analysis of Florida Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Program/Projects: Technical Memorandum #3 – RecommendationsFinal Report2001-03
2000USF392-01-2Analysis of Florida Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Program/Projects: Technical Memorandum #2 – Summary of Transit Corridor Projects Status/Strengths and Weaknesses/Lessons LearnedFinal Report2001-03
2000USF392-04Inventory and Analysis of Advanced Public Transportation Systems in FloridaFinal Report2001-09
2000USF392-07/416-03FSUTMS Mode Choice Modeling: Factors Affecting Transit Use and AccessFinal Report2002-07
2000USF392-05Analysis of Florida Transit Bus Accidents Final Report2001-06
2015USF/UIC9060-02-CCapacity Allocation in Vertically Integrated Rail Systems: A Bargain ApproachFinal Report2016-06