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Center Identification Number: 473-01

Project Title: 2001 Florida Transportation Almanac

Co-Principal Investigators: 
Michael R. Baltes, Senior Research Associate

Joel R. Rey, Senior Research Associate

Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

External Project Contact:

I. Project Objective

The 2001 Almanac will contain relevant transportation data from existing sources throughout Florida and the United States. Although most of the information is directly available from the respective agencies that originally compiled the data, the 2001 Almanac provides great benefit to transportation professionals in Florida by permitting direct access to important transportation-related data via a single, comprehensive source.

II. Project Abstract

The range of topics to be covered will include Florida demographic and travel behavior (including information from the 2000 US Census and latest Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey), modal statistics, tourism, safety, transportation finance, transportation education and research, and directories of transportation organizations throughout Florida and the United States.

III. Task Descriptions

Task 1: Develop List of Topic Areas to Include in Almanac

A list of topic areas will be developed for inclusion in the Almanac. This will include information pertaining to different transportation modes, tourism, safety, finance/funding, education and research, and directories of transportation organizations throughout Florida and the United States.

Task 2: Acquire Data from Relevant Sources

After the selection of topic areas, sources of the information will be identified and contacted as to the availability of the information. To the extent possible, CUTR will collect as much of the information in electronic/digital format to facilitate input and improve the accuracy of the information collected.

Task 3: Input Data and Develop Draft Almanac

Once all of the information has been acquired, it will be input in a tabular and graphical format. A draft Almanac will be produced after the information has been input. The draft Almanac will be reviewed for topic area thoroughness and editorial content.

Task 4: Produce Final Version of Almanac

Once the draft Almanac has been reviewed and all of the suggested changes have been made, a final, color version will be produced in hard-copy format. In addition to the hard-copy version, the final Almanac will be produced in electronic format, and 1,000 copies of a CD-ROM version will be made available as well.

IV. Student Involvement

Graduate students will be used to acquire and input data as necessary and to assist in the production of the draft and final versions of the Almanac.

V. Relationship to Other Research Projects

Provides timely, quick, and current transportation-related information to professionals in the industry to assist in the completion of important community and statewide transportation and planning projects.

VI. Technology Transfer Activities/Peer Review

The final Almanac will be shared through the NCTR web site, FDOT, and through the USDOT office of Research and Special Programs Administration. In addition to a bound version of the 2001 Almanac, it will be reproduced on CD-ROM as well. The CD-ROM will contain Microsoft Excel tables of all of the information contained in the 2001 Almanac. The CD-ROM will also include a PDF version of the bound version. The 2001 Almanac will be the third edition of this widely used and comprehensive publication.

VII. Potential Benefits of the Project

Public transportation professionals in Florida and elsewhere will have immediate access to the latest information within selected subject areas of critical concern to the industry.

VIII. TRB Keywords

Public Transportation, almanac, transportation



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