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Center Identification Number: 415-10

Project Title: The National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse

Principal Investigators:

Philip L. Winters, TDM Program Director


Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

I. Project Objective

To provide a national one-stop shop for information and technical assistance on transportation demand management (TDM) techniques, including telework.

II. Project Abstract

The need for a Clearinghouse for transportation demand management (TDM) and technology applications such as telecommuting was identified at an invitation-only Congestion Management Conference held in Irvine, California in June 1997 hosted by the Transportation Research Board and U.S. Department of Transportation. Numerous breakout groups recommended the development and dissemination of information, data, standard but user-friendly methodologies, and technical assistance of multimodal approaches to congestion problems. In November 1997, the attendees to the USDOT/TRB International Workshop on Planning Regional Telecommuting Programs voiced similar needs. Most of the breakout groups asked for case studies on successful telecommuting programs, a national database on existing telecommuting programs, and "on demand" experts and peer-to-peer networks. This project will focus on developing and disseminating information in a variety of formats to the transportation community on the issues of TDM and telework. It will also include efforts to help train transportation professionals to generate new ideas and evaluate these alternatives in parallel.

III. Task Descriptions

Task 1 Develop and Maintain Resource Center

  • Employ intelligent agents to regularly search resources such as TRIS, WEB-LUIS, etc. for potential articles, external documents, legislation, and/or web sites for all topic areas of interest
  • Locate and collect materials and professional indexing and cataloging of these materials
  • Produce and update subject area bibliographies
  • Develop a depository of "raw" data from TDM and telework programs to share results, provide a means for comparison, and allow students and other researchers to develop/validate new models
  • Develop databases of information for easy access

Task 2 Technology Transfer

  • Maintain listservs for key customer groups (Transp-tdm ) for the TDM community and Telework for public sector issues regarding telework programs
  • Enhance and maintain a website with links to:
    • People - Places - Events regarding TDM and teleworking
    • Bibliographies
    • Relevant legislation and federal research programs
    • Relevant journals and papers; other full-text documents
    • Relevant research needs and projects in progress
    • Virtual Book Shelf of select publication and other materials in the Clearinghouse Searchable Databases
  • Promote the Clearinghouse to customers at regional and national conferences, especially with formal partners
  • Conduct TDM and telework workshop in conjunction with the Transportation Research Board and other sponsors/partners

Task 3 Technical Assistance

  • Provide "on demand" access to experts and resources for current and future transportation professionals and employers on TDM and telework
  • Provide research assistance to graduate students
  • Provide bulletins or updates (with the assistance of key partners) on funding opportunities, training programs, conferences, and relevant legislation at the national, state, and local levels regarding TDM and telework
  • Provide creative thinking and parallel thinking training and assistance to help agencies solve own problems

IV. Student Involvement

Graduate students will be used in the collection, synthesis of information, website development and technical assistance fulfillment.

V. Relationship to Other Research Projects

The Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida houses the FDOT sponsored TDM Clearinghouse and TDM Training programs as well as the Maintenance Training Program, the Florida Vehicle Procurement Program, and the Statewide Transit On-Site Technical Assistance Program. Florida State University's Marketing Institute operates the National Promotional Materials Clearinghouse. The National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse will be closely coordinated with these programs to avoid any duplication or fragmentation of effort and to ensure that the most current and accurate information will be disseminated.

VI. Technology Transfer Activities/Peer

Review This is a technical assistance program that is structured to increase the knowledge of TDM professionals and their governing bodies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and local municipalities in TDM and telework related subject areas. Any documentation that is prepared in response to a request for technical assistance will be made available through independently scheduled training sessions or conferences and will also be made available upon request. In addition, NCTR researchers will participate in additional training sessions, as requested, during the Association for Commuter Transportation annual conference, Transportation Research Board annual or mid-year conferences, the International Telework Association annual conference, and other transportation conferences or workshops.

Requests for information and technical assistance will be monitored to identify those areas frequently discussed during technical assistance forums. These areas may later be the subjects of information made available through the Clearinghouse (e.g., bibliographies, best practices, etc.) in publication or training forms.

Peer reviews will be conducted on a continual basis with the Association for Commuter Transportation and the International Telework Association and Council in an effort to identify subject areas where technical assistance is most needed and areas for improvement.

VII. Potential Benefits of the Project

TDM and telework professional will have access to the latest information within TDM and telework related subject areas that will assist them in developing, improving and/or expanding TDM and telework services within their communities.

VIII. TRB Keywords

Keywords Transportation demand management, Telecommuting, Telework


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