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Center Identification Number: 415-05

Project Title: Journal of Public Transportation

Co-Principal Investigators:

Gary L. Brosch, CUTR Director/Editor

Patricia H. Ball, Managing Editor


National Center for Transportation Research at Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

I. Project Objective:

To continue production of the Journal of Public Transportation.

II. Project Abstract:

A scholarly journal, the Journal of Public Transportation, was initiated in FY 1993/94. The journal is published four times yearly and is distributed to a subscriber list currently numbering 1600+ in both the U.S. and abroad. Boasting a distinguished editorial board, the journal is provided at no cost to subscribers and includes scholarly, refereed articles focusing on public transportation alternatives and related transportation and policy issues.

III. Task Descriptions:

Task 1 - Journal Management

This task includes overall management of the journal, including liaison with the editorial board, coordination/collaboration with a publisher, production of quarterly reports, refinement of policies and procedures, and other administrative issues that may occur.

Task 2 - Journal Content

This task includes development of content for each issue, soliciting articles for potential inclusion, refereeing submitted articles, and liaison with referees.

Task 3 - Journal Design and Production

This task includes design and production of each journal.

Task 4 - Journal Distribution

This task includes the development, updating, and maintenance of the journal mailing list and distribution of each journal.

IV. Student Involvement:


V. Potential Benefit: 

The specific purpose of the Journal of Public Transportation is to provide a means of technology transfer among professionals and academicians in the public transportation industry.

VI. TRB Keywords:

Public transportation, transit, journal.


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