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Center Identification Number: 392-02

Project Title: The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit On-Site Technical Assistance Program

Co-Principal Investigators: 

Lisa Staes, Senior Research Associate

Dennis Hinebaugh, Transit Program Director


Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

External Project Contact: 

Elizabeth Stutts, Grant Programs Administrator, FDOT

I. Project Objective

To provide on-site technical assistance and short-term technical support to Florida's transit agencies. On-site technical assistance would include providing presentations to local city or county commissions, transit agency policy boards, metropolitan planning organizations, or community groups and organizations on a broad range of transit related subjects. Short-term technical support would include preparing technical reports and/or "white papers" at the request of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida's transit agencies or other agencies. Short-term technical support provided to transit agencies will include those activities that are non-recurring in their nature.

II. Project Abstract

The FDOT has recognized that Florida's public transit agencies provide an invaluable service to the residents and visitors of this state and has further recognized the need to regularly provide public transit information, resources, and technical assistance to these agencies Many of these systems are limited in their ability to assign staff members to stay abreast of new and ever-changing transportation programs. In order to address an identified need for technical assistance, CUTR is recommending the establishment of a "Statewide Transit On-Site Technical Assistance Program" to provide one-on-one technical assistance and support to transit professionals on a statewide basis. When utilizing this program, transit professional will have access to all of the available resources necessary to develop, improve and expand public transit services within their communities.

III. Task Descriptions

Task 1 Establishment Procedure for On-Site Technical Assistance and Support Program

This task will include the development of a procedure that outlines how transit agencies may request the services available, the process for CUTR to secure approval from DOT Central Office for providing those services, and the process that will be used by CUTR to track and monitor the use of the program by each of Florida's systems. In addition, this procedure will include CUTR's internal process for assigning staff members for various on-site technical assistance and support activities.

Task 2 Marketing the Program

In this task, CUTR, with the support of the FDOT, will market the availability of this program to the Florida's transit agencies and their associated jurisdictions.

Task 3 Maintenance and Monitoring of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Technical Reports, Directives, and Circulars and FDOT Procedures and Policy Statements

CUTR will maintain FTA technical reports, directives and circulars and FDOT procedures and policy statements necessary to provide the most concise and accurate responses for technical assistance and support. CUTR will monitor the FTA's homepage and the Federal Register for revisions to program guidance documents and circulars, notices of proposed rulemaking, comment solicitations, and notification of recently released publications. On a weekly basis, CUTR will provide the FDOT project manager with information gathered through this effort via electronic mail. All information obtained through these monitoring efforts will be kept by CUTR for dissemination to program participants.

Task 4 Maintenance of Support Materials

CUTR will maintain lists of on-site technical assistance requests and telephone and written requests for information. CUTR will also maintain files of written responses, presentation materials and "white papers," developed in response to these requests.

IV. Student Involvement

Graduate students will be used to research training topic areas and assist in the preparation of training materials.

V. Relationship to Other Research Projects

The Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida houses a number of FDOT sponsored technical assistance and training programs, such as the Maintenance Training Program, the Florida Vehicle Procurement Program, and the TDM Clearinghouse and Training Program. The development and implementation of the Statewide Transit On-Site Technical Assistance Program will be closely coordinated with these programs to avoid any duplication or fragmentation of effort and to ensure that the most current and accurate information will be disseminated.

VI. Technology Transfer Activities/Peer Review

This is a technical assistance program that is structured to increase the knowledge of Florida's transit professionals and their governing bodies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and local municipalities in transit related subject areas. Any documentation that is prepared in response to a request for technical assistance will be made available through independently scheduled training sessions or conferences and will also be made available upon request. In addition, CUTR staff will participate in additional training sessions, as requested, during the Florida Transit Association's annual and/or mid-year conferences and the Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged annual conference.

Requests for information and technical assistance will be monitored to identify those areas frequently discussed during technical assistance forums. These areas may later be the subjects of future training sessions provided through the Statewide Transit Training Program.

Peer reviews will be conducted on a continual basis with the Florida Department of Transportation, the Florida Transit Association and its member agencies, and the Federal Transit Administration in an effort to identify subject areas where technical assistance is most needed and areas for improvement.

VII. Potential Benefits of the Project

Transit professional will have access to the latest information within transit related subject areas that will assist them in developing, improving and/or expanding public transit services within their communities.

VIII. TRB Keywords

Public transit, technical assistance, clearinghouse.


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