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Center Identification Number: 350-12

Project Title: Public Transportation Educational Outreach Program

Co-Principal Investigators: 

Dennis Hinebaugh, Transit Program Director

Amber Reep, Research Associate


National Center for Transportation Research at Center for Urban Transportation Research
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

I. Project Objective:

To research and develop a public transportation education summer program aimed at establishing an educational outreach program for interesting young adults into the transportation industry.

II. Project Abstract:

With more transportation degree programs available and the industry’s employment numbers growing, it is critical to recruit students. Involving them at a young age will help influence their professional futures, and involving them in one area of transportation (public transit) will help concentrate and solidify those efforts.

Moving into the new century, we find that technology is directing the public transportation planning process. Transportation education has moved from more formal, traditional means into new innovative means of education. Many colleges and universities offer transportation disciplines as degree majors and technology can be used as a catalyst to draw young minds into the field of transportation.

CUTR intends to take full advantage of "lessons learned" from other similar summer transportation programs. Each of the existing summer transportation programs concentration is unique and individual, however sharing information and possible partnering with them may prove beneficial.

This program will not be a full-blown transportation discipline, but rather an introduction to the exciting world of public transportation planning. CUTR is a strong proponent of hand-on learning and this program will be presented and taught in a fresh and innovative fashion. It is important to mention that at any time, based on the input/feedback from the students, some changes can be made to course content and delivery mode.

III. Task Descriptions:

Task 1 Research Existing Transportation Curriculum

In this task CUTR will research and investigate similar existing youth oriented transportation programs. Based on findings, advantages and disadvantages of existing programs will be documented.

Task 2 Curriculum Development

In this task CUTR will develop lesson plans. Subject topics, speakers, and a course outline will be established.

Task 3 Public Awareness

In this task CUTR will develop and implement a marketing strategy to develop interest and awareness of the program.

Task 4 Program Implementation

This task will cover the actual instruction and administration of the course. Student and guest speaker evaluation of the course materials will be periodically surveyed to aid in program improvement.

IV. Student Involvement:

Graduate and undergraduate students will be used to aid in coordinating pre and post project implementation.

V. Potential Benefits:

This program is designed to develop public interest in pubic transportation issues. Students who attend will have an opportunity to learn about transportation related concepts as well as meet and network with industry officials.

VI. TRB Keywords:

Transportation education, public awareness.


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