TDM Ridematching Software

The following list provides links to various types of ridematching systems.  The brief descriptions were provided by each vendor. Please see DISCLAIMER OF ENDORSEMENT and DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY.

Agile Mile 

Agile Mile has been providing TDM software to state and local government agencies for over 15 years. Government agencies use Agile Mile’s software to help commuters find greener ways to travel and get rewarded for going green.  Agile Mile’s platform was first created in 2003 as NuRide – a ride matching and rewards website, and has since evolved into a fully-featured white-label branded TDM platform with web, iOS, and Android apps. (updated on 1/30/19)
CarpoolWorld’s mission is to connect travelers around the world for real ridesharing based on their trip origins, destinations, and schedules. The website is free for all individual use everywhere and CarpoolWorld does not take any fees or commissions from its users for trips taken. Users enter their trip origin, destination, and schedule, and the website instantly shows them a map and listings of similar trips posted by other users. The users may contact each other by phone, email, or text messages to make their own ridesharing and cost-sharing arrangements. CarpoolWorld also provides free and premium carpool group services for organizations who wish to provide dedicated rideshare matching services for their communities. CarpoolWorld premium groups include the ground-breaking Transportation Emergency module, which allows carpool group administrators to prepare alternate transportation instructions in advance, including alternate worksite information if necessary, and issue mass notifications instantly in the event of any disruption to their organization’s normal transportation network or facilities.” (added to this website 7/16/01, Modified 7/21/17)
This secure ridematching and rideshare management program is available via the internet. Matches are based on user defined proximity, a variety of personal preferences, and time of commute. This self-serve system has various levels of security, limiting individual access to personal rideshare information while providing rideshare program administrators broader access. The program includes a built in CO2 savings calculator. Rideshare program administrators can add custom fields, contact users via e-mail, manage pool groups and access a variety of reports. To ensure active membership, the system generates monthly reminders to participants. (added to this website 07/06/01)

This integrated enterprise ridesharing solution allows companies, authorities and organizations to encourage and foster carpooling among employees. As a market-leading provider of carpooling software, Comovee provides state-of-the-art ridematching technology for both business trips as well as commutes to and from work. As a web-based platform, Comovee works across all platforms, integrates seamlessly into existing corporate infrastructure and deploys as a fully customizable white-label software. (added to this website on 6/24/13)

eCommuter eCommuter is an employer-based program designed to encourage commuters to find a “greener” way to commute like carpooling, vanpooling, taking public transportation, walking, bicycling, or telecommuting. eCommuter is brought to you by TransAction Associates, Inc. TransAction Associates works with employers across the country to help them establish custom commuter programs that can assist them in recruiting and retaining employees and reducing the employees cost of commuting. (added 1/27/16)
A free service for connecting commuters, or travelers going the same way. It’s a good way to commute or travel inexpensively, and maybe even make a few friends, while reducing pollution, traffic, and dependence on oil. According to Yahoo and Google, is the top national ridesharing site, and it was rated “Best of the Net” by

A user-friendly transportation program designed by the Marketing Institute at Florida State University College of Business for use by commuter assistance programs. The primary function of the program is to provide commuters with information regarding pools. Creates and tracks successful pool formation. Demographic information about the pool can be stored in the database and accessed by the user. Provides the ability to create maps, reports, and statistical information regarding applicants as well as their employers. Another important feature of the system is its Guaranteed Ride Home Program compatibility.

iCarpool ( is a Seattle, WA based company which provides online and custom branded hosted solutions for comprehensive commuter choice programs for employers and regional public agencies. iCarpool’s ride matching application provides user friendly, self service usage complete with interactive maps, privacy protection, high precision trip matching and support for all trip types such as daily commute, one time trips or real time (dynamic carpool) trips. The application also supports – multiple modes such as carpool, vanpool, bike, walk and transit, integrated GIS data such as park-and-ride lots, bike routes, multi modal trip calendar and integrated incentives provided by either employers or regional public agencies / TMAs / TMOs. iCarpool also provides administration capabilities at the employer level and the regional agency / TMA / TMO level to manage the program, provide and manage incentives such as GRH, Vanpool Financial Stipend, Carpool Permit or custom incentives. The administration applications provide tracking and reporting of emission savings, monetary savings, trip reduction details and powerful reporting tools. iCarpool also provides first-of-a-kind ability to extend program outreach and interest of regional programs through innovative high tech applications such as social networking and mobile phones.(added to this website 7/08/08)


Whether you’re a government agency, enterprise, or university, getting your commuters to skip the solo drive requires helping them to think differently about what a commute is and how they are spending their time and resources. As a full-featured TDM platform, RideAmigos leverages the behavior-changing power of cooperation and competition between users and within groups, easily reaching critical mass and creating lasting change.  RideAmigos offers end-users a commuter dashboard and unified trip planner with ridesharing, vanpooling, local transit, bikepooling, and walk/bike options. This planner provides quick modal comparisons: route,time, distance, environmental, health impact, and custom data points. Challenge, incentive, and network features integrate alongside the trip planner to allow administrators to create advanced TDM programs and campaigns. Additional platform highlights include automated trip tracking, commute calendar and history, detailed reporting and GIS mapping, custom points of interest, single sign-on, and integration with 3rd-party apps and data streams.  (updated 8/24/16)

Ridesharing Management System 
Alternative transportation programs, including ridesharing, substantially reduce traffic congestion, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and can save millions of dollars in commuting and parking costs. However, matching thousands, even tens of thousands, of travelers with rides, keeping information up to date and generating the many required reports are challenging, time-consuming tasks. Whether you manage ridesharing for one office or an entire region, TripSpark’s ridesharing management software offers easy-to-use web-based software that manages and delivers ridesharing and other alternative commuting services.
This Seattle-based online ridematching system is simple. After typing in their email address and choosing a password, users enter their work location and the starting point of their commute – either a home address or a nearby intersection. To preserve privacy, home addresses are not displayed publicly. They enter their weekly work schedule and any daily variations. By return email they receive a confirmation code to complete their registration. They can instantly see a list of rideshare matches to whom they may email a rideshare request. (added to this website 03/19/01)

RideShark www.RideShark.comis a low-cost online map-based rideshare solution that enables registrants to find rideshare partners based on customized search criteria.  It is the only system to offer true route matching.  Banking grade security ensures data protection and user privacy.    The RideShark product group includes ridematching  based on a regional , TMA or secure cluster or  private organization.  RideShark includes modules for matching for carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, walking and transit, a ERH module, RideShark Tracks for commuter incentive programs and RideShark Business Travel matching.   RideShark is multi-language enabled and has a comprehensive multi-tier administrative portal.   RideShark utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) technology from Microsoft MapPoint, and developed by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

TwoGo by SAP
TwoGo by SAP is a consumer-grade, mobile and cloud-delivered ride sharing service for enterprises that was designed and tested as a solution for companies to support the ride sharing of employees as they travel to work. Unlike other solutions, TwoGo by SAP works from within your corporate Outlook or Blackberry calendar, native mobile clients (iPhone and Android) and allows for the flexible analysis of anonymized usage data. (added to this website 5/14/13)

Zimride provides well-designed rideshare systems that help build trust and a critical mass of users.  Combining Google Maps, optional social network integration and a proprietary ride-matching algorithm Zimride is enabling partner universities and corporations to offer their community a reliable transportation option.  Zimride is now working with 20+ universities and corporations. (added 1/21/09)

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