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Flow is the newsletter of the National Center for Transit Research.

Information sharing is a vital activity of NCTR, and it is part of why we call our newsletter Flow.Our mission is not only to help all traffic on our transportation system flow more smoothly, but also to allow information from our research to flow freely to all who can benefit from it..

On average, NCTR faculty have presented the findings of their research more than 40 times per year at state and national transportation conferences over the past 15 years. NCTR also manages over 20 professional listservs with more than 2,000 subscribers. These listservs provide for the free flow of ideas and information among practicing professionals and developing students. “Flow is yet another example of how we are trying to share the information we generate through our research,” said Volinski.

Volume 5 Issue 2

  • Dynamic Travel Information Personalized and Delivered to Your Cell Phone
  • Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners through Open Transit Data
  • Analysis of Contracting for Fixed-Route Bus Service
  • NCTR Student Receives APTA Foundation Scholarship

 Volume 5 Issue 1

  • NCTR Consortium Selected as Transit-Focused UTC
  • An Assessment of Public Transit Markets Using NHTS Data
  • Estimating Costs and Benefits of Emissions Reduction Strategies for Transit by Extending the TRIMMS Model
  • NCTR Student of the Year

 Volume 4 Issue 2

  • Moving the Bus Safely Back into Traffic
  • NCTR Project List

 Volume 4 Issue 1

  • ACS Statistical Analyzer
  • Guidance for Customizing the TRIMMS Model
  • NCTR Netconferences, Listservs
  • NCTR Student of the Year 2011
  • 2011 GIS in Public Transportation Conference
  • Ongoing NCTR Research Projects
  • Transportation Systems Analysis Certificate Program

Volume 3 Issue 2

  • TRIMMS © Aims to Quantify Net Social Benefits of Vehicle Trip Reductions
  • NCTR and HART Release “Careers in Transit” DVD
  • NCTR 2010 Student of the Year
  • NCTR Web Conferences, Listservs
  • URISA Teams With NCTR for 2009 GIS in Transit Conference
  • USF Launches New Transportation-Related Master’s Programs

Volume 3 Issue 1

  • Technology Transfer Activities at NCTR a Top Priority
  • 2009 GIS In Transit Conference
  • NCTR 2009 Student of the Year
  • USF-CUTR Graduate Transportation Course Offerings for Fall Semester 2009

Volume 2 Issue 2

  • Transit Information Materials Guidebook Now Available
  • Report Details Multimodal Approach to Development Review
  • NCTR a Partner in Transportation Graduate Certificate Program
  • Eno Leadership Conference Highlights Transportation Issues
  • NCTR hosts TRB Transit Maintenance listserv

Volume 2 Issue 1

  • NCTR hosts National GIS in Transit conference
  • Veolia Transportation and NCTR team up to train transit managers
  • NCTR students receive APTA Foundation scholarships
  • Journal of Public Transportation issues special TDM edition
  • NCTR 2007 Student of the Year
  • Toolbox for transit event investigation developed

Volume 1 Issue 2

  • NCTR emphasizes transportation education
  • NCTR hosts TDM, other public transportation listservs
  • Economics of travel demand management
  • Impact of employer-based program on transit ridership
  • Do you get what you incent? netconference
  • NCTR 2007 GIS in Transit Conference

Volume 1 Issue 1

  • Welcome to Flow!
  • Guidebook for Start-Up Transit Agencies
  • NCTR 2006 Student of the Year
  • Striving to be the Best: Employer TDM Programs that Deliver
  • NCTR Discussion Forums Help the Flow of Information
  • Transit Use Viability Among Older Drivers Losing Driving Privileges
  • Bicycle and Transit Integration Under Way in Florida
  • NCTR Education Update


  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • US Department of Transportation



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