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NCTR is located at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida. CUTR is recognized as one of the country's Best Workplaces for CommutersSM      

Research Project Descriptions

The following lists all NCTR research projects by fiscal year of initiation.  Project account numbers are shown in parentheses.  

You may also be interested in the following other pages:

  • Links to the final project reports in HTML and pdf formats can be found on NCTR's publications page. 
  • Short, streaming media presentations by the principal investigator or panel members are viewable on CUTRCast.


  1. Best Practices in Bus Dispatch (77930)
  2. Assessing the Impact of Proposed Transit Investments and Public Policy Choices on Land Use Patterns (A Simulation Approach with UrbanSim) (77931)
  3. Estimating Costs and Benefits of Emissions Reduction Strategies for Transit by Extending the TRIMMS Model (77932)
  4. Dynamic Delivery of the National Transit Database Sampling Manual (77933)
  5. Analysis of the Implementation Status of Impact of Transit Research (77934)
  6. Development of a Regional Public Transportation GIS Architecture and Data Model (77935)
  7. Quantifying the Benefits of the Florida Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services (TRIPS) Program (77936)
  8. A Guide to Design, Policies, and Operational Characteristics for Shared Bicycle/Bus Lanes (77937)


  1. An Assessment of Public Transportation Markets Using NHTS Data (77920)
  2. Improving Value of Travel Time Savings Estimation for More Effective Transportation Project Evaluation (77921)
  3. Project UCARE: Uniform Cost Accounting and Reporting Elements for Transportation Demand Management Programs (77922)
  4. Exploring Opportunities to Expand Public Transportation Services in Florida Through Potential Private Sector Participation: Phase I  - Analysis of Contracting for Fixed Route Bus Service (77923)
  5. Florida Bus Maintenance Staffing Practices (77924)
  6. Exploration of Transit's Sustainability Competitiveness (77925)
  7. Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners through Open Transit Data (77926)
  8. Tracking Costs of Alternatively Fueled Buses in Florida (77927)
  9. Enhancing the Connectivity of High Speed Rail in the Orlando-Tampa Corridor with Local Public Transportation Systems: Issues and Opportunities (77928)



  1. Expanding the Google Transit Data Feed Specification to Support Operations and Planning (77902)
  2. Investigation of the Feasibility of Toll and Transit Data Feed Specification to Support Operations and Planning (77903)
  3. Travel Assistant Device - Deployment to Transit Agencies (77904)
  4. Evaluation of Camera Based Systems to Reduce Transit Bus Side Collisions(77905)
  5. Assessing Air Quality Impacts of Managed Lanes (6402-1041-00)
  6. Best Practices in Fixed-Route Bus Transit Dispatch - Management and Function (77907)
  7. Developing a Framework for a Toolkit for Carbon Footprint that Integrates Transit (C-FIT) (77909)
  8. Moving the Bus Safely Back into Traffic Phase 2 (77910)
  9. Development of a Program Assessment Instrument for the Certified Transit Technician Program - Phase One (77911)


  1. TBEST Model Enhancements - Parcel Level Demographic Data Capabilities and Concepts for Park-and-Ride Modeling (77801)
  2. Guidebook on Using American Community Survey Data for Transit Planning (77802)
  3. Guidebook on Using Automatic Passenger Counters for NTD Reporting (77803)
  4. Dynamic Travel Information - Personalized and Delivered to Your Cell Phone (77804)
  5. Quantifying Net Social Benefits of Vehicle Trip Reduction Impacts to Make Existing Road Infrastructure Perform Better– Guidance for Customizing the TRIMMS Model to Aid Local, Regional and State Decision Makers  (77805)
  6. Synthesis of Research on Value of Time and Value of Reliability (77806)
  7. Evaluation of Smart Video for Transit Event Detection (77807)
  8. Evaluation of Electronic Data Recorder for Incident Investigation, Driver Performance and Vehicle Maintenance (77808)
  9. Developing a Technique That Predicts the Impacts of  TDM on a  Transportation System (77809)
  10. Utilizing Information Technology in Innovative Marketing Approaches for Public Transportation (77810)


  1. A Qualitative Analysis of Bus Simulator Training on Transit Incidents - A Case Study in Florida (77701)
  2. An Evaluation of Public Transportation Productivity Trends and Funding Challenges (77712)
  3. Development of a Large Bus / Small Bus Decision Support Tool (77713)
  4. Enhancing Transit Safety and Security with Wireless Detection and Communication Technologies (77714)
  5. Development of a NTD Tool for Vanpool Services (77715)
  6. Integrating Transit and Urban Form (77716)
  7. Programs That Match Seniors With Volunteer Drivers (77717)
  8. Best Practices In Transit Service Planning (77720)
  9. Impacts of More Rigorous ADA Paratransit Eligibility Assessments on Riders with Disabilities (77721)
  10. Exploration of a Shift in Household Transportation Spending from Vehicles to Public Transportation (77722)


  1. Performance Measures and Best Practices for Incorporating Transit into the FDOT DRI Review Process (77703)
  2. Economics of Travel Demand Management (77704)
  3. Toolbox for Transit Event Investigation (77706)
  4. Regional Fare Policy and Fare Allocation, Innovations in Fare Equipment and Data Collection (77705)   
  5. Transit Extraboard Management-Optimum Sizing and Strategies (77707)
  6. Development of Alternative Measures of Transit Mode Share (77708)
  7. Smart Phone Application to Influence Travel Behavior (TRAC-IT Phase 3) (77709)
  8. Developing a Printed Transit Information Material Design Manual (77710)
  9. Travel Assistant Device (TAD) to Aid Transit Riders with Special Needs (77711)


  1. Repair Time Standards for Transit Vehicles - Phase III (10091)

  2. Transit Use Viability Among Older Drivers Losing Driving Privileges (77601)

  3. Finding Ways to Reduce Insurance and Bonding Costs for Major Transit Projects (77602)

  4. Validating T-BEST Models with 100% APC Counts (77603)

  5. The National Smart Transportation Archive Researcher (NSTAR) Program (77604)

  6. Impact of Employer Based Programs on the Transit System Ridership and Transportation System Performance (77605)

  7. Creative Ways to Manage Paratransit Costs (77606)

  8. Transit Ridership, Reliability, and Retention (77607)

  9. Testing the Impact of Personalized Feedback on Household Travel Behavior (TRAC-IT 2) (77609)

  10. Moving the Bus Back Into Traffic Safely (77610)


  1. Best Practices in Communications Between Transit Management and Rank and File Employees (575-09)
  2. Florida Journey to Work Fact Book and Web-Site (575-16)
  3. Public Transportation Syntheses Series (III) (576-01)
  4. Public Transit in America: Evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey, Phase II, Analysis of Density and Geocoded Data (576-02)
  5. Web-Based Bus Accident Reporting, Tracking and Analysis System (576-03)
  6. Guidebook for Start-up Transit Agencies (576-04)
  7. A Return on Investment Analysis of Bikes-on-Bus Programs (576-05)
  8. Innovative Approaches to Using Passenger Miles Data for Transit Planning (576-06)
  9. Standardize On-Board Surveys and Archive On-Board Survey Data (576-07)
  10. Strategies for an Intra-Urban Circulator System (576-08)
  11. Special Event Transportation Service Planning & Operations Strategies for Transit (576-09)
  12. Impacts of Transit Oriented Development on Public Transportation Ridership– Phase One (576-10)
  13. Incorporating TDM into the Land Development Process (576-11)
  14. Case Studies in Environmental Justice and Public Transit Title VI Reporting (576-12)
  15. Update Methodology for ADA Demand Estimates: Lessons Learned (576-13)
  16. Teenage Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Transit Use (576-14)
  17. Enhancing the Rider Experience: The Impact of Real-Time Information on Transit Ridership (576-15)
  18. Traveling Smart: Increasing Transit Ridership by Automatic Collection (TRAC) of Individual Travel Behavior Data and Personalized Feedback (576-16)


  1. Public Transportation Syntheses Series (527-01)
  2. State Bus Transit Safety Guide(527-02)
  3. Benchmark Rankings for Transit Systems in the United States (527-03)
  4. Impacts of Transfer Fares on Transit Ridership and Revenue (527-04)
  5. Alternative Sampling Techniques for NTD Reporting (527-05)
  6. Commuter Choice Program Case Study Development and  Analysis (527-06)
  7. Model Regulations and Plan Amendments for Multimodal Transportation Districts (527-07)
  8. Assessing the Hierarchy of Needs in Levels of Service (527-08)
  9. Public Transit in America: Evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey (527-09)
  10. Evaluation of Shared Use Park & Ride Impact on Properties (527-10)
  11. Analysis of Florida Transit Bus Accidents (527-11)
  12. Design Elements of Effective Transit Information Materials (527-12)
  13. Designing Bus Transfer Facilities for Maximum Transit Agency and Community Benefit (527-13)
  14. Price Elasticity of Rideshare: Commuter Fringe Benefits & Parking Cash-Out (527-14)

FY 2002

  1. 2001 Transportation Almanac (473-01)
  2. Evaluation of First-Year Florida MPO Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Reports (473-02)
  3. Public Transportation Promotional Materials Clearinghouse (Continuation and Enhancement) (473-03)
  4. Transit Ridership Models at the Stop Level (473-04)
  5. Repair Time Standards for Transit Vehicles (473-05)
  6. Why People Cross Where They Do (473-06)
  7. Expanding Commuter Choice Tax Benefit Options (473-08)
  8. Best Practices in Voluntary Driving Cessation Programs for Seniors (473-09)
  9. The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide GIS for Transit Technical Assistance Program (473-10)
  10. National Transit Database Automated Data Collection Procedures (473-11)
  11. Assessment of Transit Information Materials and Development of Criteria for Prototype Transit Materials (473-12) 
  12. Public Transportation Syntheses Series (473-13)
  13. Worksite Trip Reduction Model and Manual (473-14)


  1. Journal of Public Transportation (415-05)
  2. Teleconferences and Other Communication Technologies (415-06)
  3. Third National Conference on GIS in Transit (415-07)
  4. "Where are the Future Transit Maintenance Technicians Coming From? (415-09)
  5. The National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse (415-10)
  6. Public Transportation Educational Outreach Program (415-12)
  7. National Outreach Initiative for the Florida Maintenance Training Program (415-13)
  8. Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) & Golf Cart Safety Training (415-14)
  9. Telecommunications and Its Future Role in the Public Transportation Arena (416-01)
  10. Pedestrian Mid-block Crossing Difficulty (416-02)
  11. FSUTMS Mode Choice Modeling: Factors Affecting Transit Use and Access (416-03)
  12. Effectiveness of Bus Signal Priority (416-04)
  13. Environmental Justice and Community Impact Assessment for Transit Agencies (416-05)
  14. Land Developer Participation in Providing for Bus Transit Facilities/Operations (416-06)
  15. Synthesis of Securement Device Options and Strategies & Preliminary Assessment of Paratransit Accident Incidence & Accident Tracking Processes (416-07)
  16. Qualitative Methods for Transit Research (416-081)
  17. Perceptions of Transit Safety (416-082)
  18. Customer Surveying for Public Transit: A Design Manual (416-083)
  19. Synthesis for Transit Non-User Surveys (416-084)
  20. Continuation and Enhancement of The Public Transportation
  21. The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit Training Program (416-09)
  22. The Florida Department of Transportation On-Site Transit Technical Assistance Program (416-091)
  23. Promotional Materials Clearinghouse (416-10)
  24. Quantifying the Business Benefits of TDM (416-11)
  25. Public Transit Investment Decisions: Per Capita Trends and Analysis (416-12)
  26. National Transit Bus Accident Data Collection and Analyses (416-13)
  27. Is Organizational Structure a Critical Determinant of Performance? An Investigation of the Structure/Performance Relationships of Public Transit Agencies (416-14)


  1. Graduate Research Program (350-04)
  2. Exploration of the Feasibility of a Transportation Degree (350-05)
  3. Teleconferences (350-06)
  4. Lessons Learned in Transit Efficiencies, Revenue Generation, and Cost Reductions - Part II (350-07 and 392-06)
  5. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Institute (350-08)
  6. National Applications for the Florida Maintenance Training Program (350-09)
  7. The National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse (350-10)
  8. Analysis of the National Transit Database (350-11)
  9. Public Transportation Educational Outreach Program (350-12)
  10. Bus Rapid Transit -- Phase I Preliminary Evaluation of the South Miami-Dade Busway in Miami, Florida (350-13)
  11. Analysis of the Florida Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Program/Projects (392-01)
  12. The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit On-Site Technical Assistance Program (392-02)
  13. The Florida Department of Transportation Statewide Transit Training Program (392-03)
  14. Inventory and Analysis of Advanced Public Transportation Systems in Florida (392-04)
  15. Analysis of Florida Transit Bus Accidents (392-05)
  16. FSUTMS Mode Choice Modeling: Factors Affecting Transit Use and Access (392-07)
  17. Continuation and Enhancement of The Public Transportation Promotional Materials Clearinghouse (392-08)
  18. Evaluation of the Economic Viability of Narrow-Gauge Local Rail Systems (392-09)
  19. 1999 Transit Customer Satisfaction Index for Florida Transit Properties (392-10)
  20. Assessment of Operational Barriers and Impediments to Transit Use (392-11)
  21. Cops, Cameras, and Enclosures: A Synthesis of the Effectiveness of Methods to Provide Enhanced Security for Bus Operators (392-12)
  22. Update of FDOT "State Park & Ride Lot Program Planning Manual (392-13)
  23. Pedestrian Mid-block Crossing Difficulty (392-14)
  24. Bus Rapid Transit Technology: A Case Study of the LYNX LYMMO in Downtown Orlando, Florida (392-15)
  25. Neighborhood Intermodal Transfer Facilities (392-16)

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