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Careers in Public Transportation

This page is dedicated to careers in Public Transportation and the public transportation community’s contributions to society.

2011 Transit Salary Survey Results

Future of Transportation National Survey

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Go! Exploring the World of Transportation

Go! is a free, online magazine for teens and young adults that explores the world of transportation, including the many possibilities for working in a transportation-related career.

Careers in Transit YouTube Video

This 10-minute video provides a brief introduction to jobs in public transportation. Careers in Transit was produced by the National Center for Transit Research at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, in conjunction with the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority in Tampa, Florida.

Careers in Transit Video Script

Investment in Public Transit Creates U.S. Jobs for New Green Economy

Public Transportation helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the carbon footprint of everyone that uses it.  Investment in public transportation is increasing, whether it be for new commuter rail systems, bus rapid transit systems, or high speed rail.  This investment will create tens of thousands of new job opportunities throughout the United States.   All jobs within the field of public transportation contribute to developing a more green economy.  With previous research showing public transit’s significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases, the report, “Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investment,” demonstrates how increased investment in public transportation provides good green jobs, wages, and business income in industries that have been particularly hit hard by the economic downturn.  Learn how you can be part of the march toward creating a green economy through a career in public transportation. http://www.apta.com/mediacenter/pressreleases/2009/Pages/091023_creates_jobs.aspx

Riding Public Transit Saves Individuals $9,062 Annually

Using public transportation saves people a lot of money when compared to owning and operating a car. Studies show that an individual can save over $9,000 a year, and that figure will grow larger as the price of gas rises. Switching to transit is the same as receiving a $9,000 raise. Providing individuals or families with an additional $9,000 a year allows their quality of life to improve immensely since the money can be used toward education expenses, health care, or a multitude of other significant requirements of life. Those who work in the field of public transportation can be proud of the fact that the service they provide gives people options to travel that improves not just their mobility, but their quality of life in all the ways that money can buy. http://www.apta.com/mediacenter/pressreleases/2009/Pages/091006_transit_savings.aspx

Public Transportation Benefits

Public transportation takes many forms (trains, buses, ferries, trolleys, vans, etc.) and provides many benefits to our communities and our nation. It helps reduce our use of foreign oil, reduces air pollution and wasted time in traffic congestion, and provides vital mobility to all of our citizens. You can be part of the solution to so many of our nations pressing concerns when you pursue a career in public transportation.


Resources for Finding a Career in Public Transportation

  • Transit Intelligence newsletter from TransitTalent.com, including results from Transit Talent’s 2009 Transit Salary Survey
  • Use NCTR’s Public Transportation Systems – Motorbus Search Engine below to look for available jobs among public transit providers (searches their websites)


  • Use NCTR’s Public Transportation Systems – Paratransit Search Engine below to look for available jobs among paratransit providers (searches their websites)


Professional Associations in Public Transportation

  • American Public Transportation Association (APTA)- www.apta.com
  • Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) – www.actweb.org
  • Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)- www.ctaa.org


  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • US Department of Transportation



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