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Flexible Public Transportation Services in Florida

(Center Identification Number: 77942) Due to the increasing demand to provide public transportation services and meet the mobility needs of diverse markets and environments, the transit industry has begun to provide flexible transportation services through cost-effective, unconventional service delivery models, including but not limited to: route deviations,

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Dynamic Delivery of the National Transit Database Sampling Manual

(Center Identification Number: 77933) The objective of this project is to move the NTD Sampling Manual from its current static delivery format to a dynamic delivery format. Instead of pushing an entire manual of many possible applications to the audience, the dynamic delivery format allows an user

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Improving Value of Travel Time Savings Estimation for More Effective Transportation Project Evaluation

(Center Identification Number:  77921)  The objectives of this study are to improve the theory leading to the correct measure of value of travel time saving (VTTS) and to improve the estimation of VTTS. An additional objective is to synthesize and provide additional information on the usage of

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Project UCARE: Uniform Cost Accounting and Reporting Elements for Transportation Demand Management Programs

(Center Identification Number: 77922) The primary objective of Project UCARE (Uniform Cost Accounting and Reporting Elements) is to develop and test a candidate reporting system which will accumulate commuter assistance program industry financial and operating results by uniform categories. The system is to be designed so that

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An Evaluation of Public Transportation Productivity Trends and Funding Challenges

Center Identification Number (77712) This research project will explore industry cost trends focusing on productivity and efficiency changes and underlying causes. This will be complemented by an exploration of how public transportation is and might be positioned to sustain public support in an era of increased competition

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