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Impacts of More Rigorous ADA Paratransit Eligibility Assessments on Riders with Disabilities

(Center Identification Number: 77721)  Due to the ever-increasing demand for complementary ADA paratransit trips, transit agencies have instituted a number of actions related to reducing the costs of this type of service, including steps to limit the demand through stricter and more complex ADA paratransit eligibility processes.

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Dynamic Travel Information – Personalized and Delivered to Your Cell Phone

(Center Identification Number: 77804) Building on information already collected for managing traffic and transit, this project proposes to expand the capabilities of the Path Prediction prototype to deliver personalized, route-pertinent incident information gathered by ATIS, including 511-based systems, to mobile phones. As part of this project, the

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Development of a National Transit Database (NTD) Tool for Vanpool Services

(Center Identification Number: 77715) The National Transit Database has requirements on how providers of vanpool services collect and report their data on service consumed and service provided. Current practices, however, often deviate from these requirements. Such deviations lead to poor data for policy decision-making and can result in

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