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Research and Develop a Program Assessment Instrument for the Certified Transit Technician Program – Phase 1

(Center Identification Number: 77911) The objective of this body of work is the development of a program assessment instrument to assist the Transit Maintenance Analysis and Resource Center (TMAARC) in determining the value of the recently established Certified Transit Technician (CTT) program.

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Enhancing the Connectivity of High Speed Rail in the Orlando-Tampa Corridor with Local Public Transportation Systems: Issues and Opportunities

(Center Identification Number: 77928) High Speed Rail (HSR) will only be truly transformational if it has effective connections with as many other modes of transportation as possible. This project looks at local public transportation systems that have opportunities to connect to HSR stations planned for the Orlando-Tampa

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Investigation of the Feasibility of Toll and Transit Agency Equity Sharing

(Center identification Number: 77903) This research project frames the institutional constraints and opportunities for equity sharing that currently exist in the highway, transit and toll agency realms and identifies statutory, regulatory and/or policy changes that may be required. It also lays out the pros and cons of

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