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Special Event Transportation Service Planning & Operations Strategies for Transit

(Center Identification Number: 576-09)  The goal of this project was to meet the expressed needs of Florida transit agencies for the development of a guide for special event transportation services that could benefit transit agencies and the organizations they must coordinate with for the provision of services.

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Strategies for an Intra-Urban Circulator System

(Center Identification Number: 576-08)  Currently, there are several urban communities that have implemented trolley/circulators or are in the process of developing such services. In general, proponents of central business development and smart growth have been some of the supporters of circulator systems in downtown cores. Because of

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Incorporating TDM into the Land Development Process

(Center Identification Number: 576-11)  Unfamiliarity with the plans, processes and procedures of the local government land development process, transportation demand management (TDM) professionals can be frustrated in their efforts to improve mobility and reduce traffic congestion. This report provides detailed information to transportation professionals regarding how to

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