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Programs That Match Seniors With Volunteer Drivers: Practical Recommendations for Organizations and Policy Makers

(Center Identification Number: 77717) Seniors need adequate transportation, not only to maintain their health and vitality, but also to stay active in the community and fully participate in life. Transportation is the essential link to basic services needed by the aging population. The problem that this research project

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Exploration of a Shift in Household Transportation Spending from Vehicles to Public Transportation

(Center Identification Number: 77722)  Despite continued and growing public support of public transit, traffic congestion continues to get worse and transit ridership and service levels have grown but not sufficiently to play a more meaningful role in addressing growing travel demands. As a result, interest continues in

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Development of Comprehensive Guidance on Obtaining Service Consumed Data for NTD

(Center Identification Number: 77723)  This document proposes The National Transit Database Sampling Manual. It is developed for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to replace its current guidance (circulars 2710.1A and 2710.2A) to transit agencies on how they may estimate service consumed data through random sampling for the National

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