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Public Transit in America: Analysis of Access Using the 2001 National Household Travel Survey

(Center Identification Number: 576-02)  Understanding transit ridership has become a critical research interest and policy goal. This paper presents the results of an analysis of the NHTS data specifically focusing on the appended variables that measure access or distances to public transportation. Statistically significant distance intervals were

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Using Local Transit On-Board Surveys for State-Level Measurement

(Center Identification Number: 576-07)  This report examines the feasibility of using local transit on-board surveys for state-level measurement of a state’s transit program policy objectives. It first sets up a general method using Florida as a case study for its specific policy objectives. It then reviews in

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Bus Accident Reporting, Tracking and Analysis System

(Center Identification Number: 576-03)  Many Florida transit systems do little formal analysis of all accidents on an aggregate basis. In many transit system accidents and incidents are not being tracked or analyzed to identify common trends from types of incidents, location, driver, bus route, roadway characteristics and

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Guidebook for Start-up Transit Agencies

(Center Identification Number: 576-04)  The objective of this project was to develop a guidebook for use by agencies in the process of initiating first time transit systems, as well as to provide a comprehensive overview of the planning and programming aspects of the public transportation environment. The

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Special Event Transportation Service Planning & Operations Strategies for Transit

(Center Identification Number: 576-09)  The goal of this project was to meet the expressed needs of Florida transit agencies for the development of a guide for special event transportation services that could benefit transit agencies and the organizations they must coordinate with for the provision of services.

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