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Assessing the Hierarchy of Needs in Levels of Service

(Center Identification Number: 527-08)  The primary focus of this research project was in providing empirical evidence of a Hierarchy of Transportation Needs. The experimental procedure, methodology, and materials for this project were designed using both transportation stated preferences studies as well as the work of Alderfer and

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Public Transit in America: Evidence from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey

(Center Identification Number: 527-09)  Understanding transit ridership has become a critical research interest and policy goal. This document updates the popular report titled: “Public Transit in America – Evidence from the 1995 National Personal Transportation Survey” with data from the 2001 National Household Travel Survey. This new

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State Bus Transit Safety Guide

(Center Identification Number: 527-02)  The purpose of this project was to gather industry “Best Practices” for developing model state safety programs, necessary state legislation, for the development of improved bus transit safety standards and practices. This guide, as well as associated information included on a website, will

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Fixed Route Transit Scheduling in Florida: The State of the Industry

(Center Identification Number: 527-01 Part 3)  Fixed route transit scheduling is an undervalued and often misunderstood task of public transit agencies. It is a complex process that involves several detailed analytical procedures. Trip building, blocking, runcutting, and rostering are all sub-tasks of the overall task of scheduling.

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Designing Bus Transfer Facilities for Maximum Transit Agency and Community Benefit

(Center Identification Number: 527-13)  Bus transfer centers are often regarded as ‘undesirable neighbors’ that are difficult to site and difficult to gain support for due to noise, exhaust, traffic congestion, and the presence of unwanted passengers. In fact, there are some locations where major bus transfer activities

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