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Pedestrian Mid-block Crossing Difficulty

(Center Identification Number: 416-02)  This report documents a research project that developed a model of mid-block crossing difficulty as perceived by pedestrians. Four aspects of the research are reported: research design issues, selection of potential determinants, data collection, and statistical analysis. This model was done through a

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Where are the Future Transit Maintenance Technicians Coming From?

(Center Identification Number: 415-13)  Under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) was asked to research and assess the future of the transit maintenance technician workforce. The main scope of this project focuses on this question: “Where are the

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Continuation and Enhancement of The Public Transportation Promotional Materials Clearinghouse

(Center Identification Number: 416-10)  Development of promotional and communications collateral can be an expensive and timeconsuming undertaking for public transit systems, especially in today’s environment of down-sizing and tight budgeting. An unfortunate consequence of such downsizing is the toll it takes on the marketing efforts of transit

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