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Quantifying the Business Benefits of TDM

(Center Identification Number: 416-11)  Transportation demand management (TDM) is more than carpooling. It is a set of strategies that fosters increased efficiency of the transportation system by influencing travel behavior by mode, time, frequency, trip length, cost or route. Many TDM strategies encourage the use of alternatives

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Bus Rapid Transit Technology: A Case Study of the LYNX LYMMO in Downtown Orlando, Florida

(Center Identification Number: 392-15) The objective of the evaluation was to document and assess the Lynx LYMMO Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service in downtown Orlando, Florida as one of the newest and most innovative applications of BRT service in Florida and the U.S. In partnership with Lynx

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Lessons Learned in Transit Efficiencies, Revenue Generation, and Cost Reductions – Part II

(Center Identification Number: 350-07) Transit agencies across the United States have been forced to become more creative in finding ways to decrease their costs or increase revenues from non-traditional sources as federal operating assistance has been reduced, revenues from local sales tax sources have decreased, and as

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