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Design Elements of Effective Transit Information Materials

(Center Identification Number: 527-12)  This report presents the latest phase of research into public comprehension of printed transit information materials. Building on the findings of a study conducted in 2001, this study investigated in more detail how the general public perform in the planning of a transit

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Evaluation of USF Bio-Diesel Fueled Bull-Runner Service

(Center Identification Number: 527-01 Part 2)  Biodiesel is the name given to an alternative fuel used in place of and along with conventional petroleum diesel fuels. Biodiesel fuels are derived from sources including oils such as those found in rapeseed, corn, mustard, soybean, sunflower, macadamia, coconut, and

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Price Elasticity of Rideshare: Commuter Fringe Benefits & Parking Cash-Out

(Center Identification Number: 527-14)  The goal of this research project was to determine the price elasticity of rideshare with specific objectives of helping to assess what the effect on ridership would be if the effective price paid by the traveler was substantially reduced (i.e., increase in employer

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