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Designing Bus Transfer Facilities for Maximum Transit Agency and Community Benefit

(Center Identification Number: 527-13)  Bus transfer centers are often regarded as ‘undesirable neighbors’ that are difficult to site and difficult to gain support for due to noise, exhaust, traffic congestion, and the presence of unwanted passengers. In fact, there are some locations where major bus transfer activities

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Analysis of Florida Transit Bus Accidents

(Center Identification Number: 527-11)  The safe operation of public transit vehicles is of utmost importance to the transit agency, its’ employees and passengers. Most transit agencies have hundreds of accidents per year. While each accident may be reviewed carefully as an individual incident, at many Florida transit

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Benchmark Rankings for Transit Systems in the United States

(Center Identification Number: 527-03)  Benchmarking is a well-established practice among public and private entities that are interested in improving their performance. Benchmarking allows agencies to measure their own performance against other similar agencies, assuming that similar types of data are maintained to allow for meaningful comparisons. The

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