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Improving Access to Transit Through Crowdsourced Information – Final Report

The purpose of this research was to facilitate the ongoing collection of information from the public about potential areas of multimodal service and infrastructure improvements and easily share these problems with transit agencies, departments of transportation, and city and county governments. The research team implemented open-source software

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CPS Travel Training Evaluation Project

Public transportation and public educational programs are mandated to provide transportation services for mentally and physically disabled individuals. While programs to transport members of disabled populations are important to ensure access to and participation in important educational and work related activities, they are often highly expensive to

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Ranking Northeast Illinois New Starts Transit Potential Expansion for Metra and CTA

(Center Identification: 79050-02-C) This report reviews the programs and policies of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT)’s project selection and evaluation process to fund new capital-intensive projects in the transportation sector. The Federal formula programs administered and overseen by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) are the

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Public Transit to Public Lands:The Nature Express

(Center Identification: 79050-02-C) Access to leisure by public transportation has not been studied in great detail, at least in the United States. The Northeastern Illinois region with the City of Chicago (in Cook County) as the focal point is home to the third largest public transportation system

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Mobility Case Studies: Where Integrated Corridor Management Has Worked and Why

(Center Identification Number: 79050-02-C) Mobility management and improvement have become the focal point of the federal, state, and local transportation agencies over the last decade. Even with decreasing vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) over the same time span, the congestion and delays have not improved leading to a renewed focus

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