Integrated Approaches to EV Charging Infrastructure and Transit System Planning

(Center Identification Number: 79060-02-C)

This study provides policy insights into integrating electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development with transit systems. It explores opportunities related to underutilized parking spots that are suitable for both EV charging and transit connections, either on site or in proximity to transit stations. Distinct from the existing practice, the study takes into account both work trips and activity based trips (ABT), which involves multiple trip segments/purposes on commuting trips. To advocate for an active role of the public sector in the integrated EV-transit design, it proposes a generic planning model for siting EV charging either on site or in proximity to transit stations. To implement the proposed planning process, the study developed a Suitability Index (SI) for EV charging station siting in connection to transit stations, discusses anticipated impacts of implementing the integrated EV-Transit programs, and quantifies the environmental impacts of anticipated travel behavior changes. Through case studies, the project reviewed the existing programs that integrate EV charging infrastructure with transit systems, quantitatively applies the proposed planning framework in the Chicago metropolitan region and derives the SI rating for commuter rail stations (for work trips) and shopping centers close to transit stops (for ABT trips).  Contact Ning Ai, Ph.D. for more information.

Download Final Report.

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