Evaluation of Automated Vehicle Technology for Transit – 2016 Update

(Center Identification Number: 79060-21)

auto shuttle

Robosoft’s RoboCITY Shuttle at Trikala Demonstration

In January 2015, the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) published a report summarizing the state of public transportation vehicle automation entitled “Evaluation of Automated Vehicle Technology for Transit.” This 2016 update presents the latest information on this topic. Europe has been at the forefront of testing shared autonomous vehicles. The European Union is funding demonstrations and showcases of small autonomous shuttle buses in 10 cities across Europe under a program called CityMobil2. Two French companies, EasyMile and NAVYA, have emerged as commercial autonomous shuttle bus manufacturers. EasyMile provided the shuttles for the CityMobil2 project and also launched a separate demonstration in the Netherlands under the name WEPod.  It has also signed an agreement with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority in California to test the shuttles in a commercial office park. NAVYA recently signed its first agreement with the Swiss public transportation company CarPostal to run autonomous shuttles in the Swiss city of Sion. In Minnesota, the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority has received funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to equip 11 of its buses with an updated version of the driver assist system it uses for bus on shoulder operations.

Download final report.  For more information, contact Brian Pessaro.

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