Monthly archive for January 2016

Rural Intercity Bus Demand: Phase II

A previous study conducted by the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center developed an intercity mode choice model with survey data from the state of North Dakota. This model estimates the impacts of mode characteristics, including travel time, cost, service frequency, and access and egress times; trip

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Synthesis of Research on the Use of Idle Reduction Technologies in Transit

This synthesis reviews current research and practical knowledge covering issues related to the use of idle reduction technologies in transit vehicles, including benefits, challenges, advantages, limitations, approaches, critical success factors, and lessons learned by agencies that have implemented them in their fleets. A survey of transit agencies

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NCTR’s new Journal of Transportation Demand Management Research

The National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida is pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Transportation Demand Management Research (JTDMR), a fully peer reviewed journal that will become a companion to NCTR’s highly successful Journal

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