Identifying and Satisfying the Mobility Needs of North Dakota’s Transit System

This study identifies the needs of transit agencies in North Dakota, gaps in transit service, and additional services and funding needed to meet current demand as well as projected future demand. Objectives are to construct a demographic profile of the state of North Dakota, develop a mobility needs index, describe existing levels of transit service across the state, identify base levels of required transit service and gaps in existing service, develop recommendations for meeting mobility needs, determine the level of funding needed to maintain the current level of service, and determine the level of funding needed to expand the existing level of service. North Dakota transit providers and human service agencies were surveyed to gather information about existing transit services, how well those services are meeting the needs of the state’s residents, and the issues and challenges facing transit providers across the state. The study identified days and hours that transit service is currently being provided, rides provided per capita, and vehicle miles and vehicle hours per capita across the state. Target levels of transit service were identified, and the funding needed to reach those targets, including funds to cover increased operating expenses and vehicle purchases, was estimated. Projections were also made based on expected population growth. A series of recommendations were made regarding expansion of service, staffing needs, facilities and vehicle needs, and funding increases. Findings show a need for expansion of services across the state, especially in areas experiencing population growth, improvements in staffing, and additional vehicles. Download Final Report. For more information, please contact Jeremy Mattson at  or Jill Hough, Ph.D. with the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University, Fargo.

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