Guidelines for Bus Transit Stops in Highway Construction Work Zones

Fixed route transit systems provide a valuable transportation service for many of our citizens. As users depend on bus transit to access to the essentials of life, maintaining transit service is a critical issue. Given the extent of nationwide bus transit systems and a high level of highway construction activities, it is common to find highway construction work areas encompassing and impacting established bus stop locations. However, there is little information available concerning best practices for safely managing the bus stop and transit riders while construction is underway. The objective of this study is to develop guidelines/recommendations for managing transit stops during adjacent highway construction operations, with a focus on safety and the customers. This guidance will serve as a planning tool and as a design and construction guide for Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) coordination for transit agencies, highway design engineers, and construction managers.  Download Final Report  For more information, contract Fabian Cevallos, Transit Program Director, Lehman Center for Transportation Research (LCTR) at Florida International University (FIU) at 

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