Evaluation of HART MetroRapid BRT

This report is a limited scope evaluation of the MetroRapid’s first two years of operation. The MetroRapid represents Hillsborough Area Regional Transit’s first foray into bus rapid transit. Built at a total cost of $34.75 million, or $1.98 million per mile, it is at the low end of the cost spectrum for BRT projects. MetroRapid includes several key BRT features such as branding of the stations and buses, increased station spacing, ticket vending machines at 12 of the 59 stations, and transit signal priority (TSP). The MetroRapid averaHART bus rapid transit vehicle at a bus stopged 48,666 riders per month in its first two years. Total annual ridership grew 3 percent between the first and second year, which was the same growth rate as the rest of HART’s fixed route system. Most passengers board and alight between Marion Transit Center and University Area Transit Center. Ridership drops off significantly between UATC and the north end of the line at Hidden River Park and Ride Lot. The MetroRapid is 10 minutes faster than the parallel Route 2. Consequently, many Route 2 customers have switched to the MetroRapid. Despite that, there has been a 10 percent net gain in transit riders on the Nebraska Avenue corridor since the MetroRapid began. Even with the TSP, traffic signal delay accounts for 21 to 24 percent of its end to end travel time. Much of the signal delay is occurring at intersections where the TSP is not activated.  Download the final report.  Contact Brian Pessaro for more information.

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