Transit’s Contribution to Livability in Rural Communities: Exploration Method and Materials, Phase II – Scope

(Center Identification Number: 79062-02-A)

Principal Investigator
Jonathan P. Brooks

Project Scope
The scope of work includes four tasks. The four tasks in this scope of work constitute phase 1 of the envisioned research project; meaning that researchers plan for a phase 2 scope of work to test, refine, and distribute information and analysis generated by phase 1. Phase 1, funded with year 1 funds, includes Tasks 1.1 through 1.4 as those tasks are the creation, pilot application, and refinement of an outreach strategy and tools to evaluate the contribution of transit to livability in rural America. Phase 2, funded with year 2 funds, will follow the completion of phase 1 and is anticipated to include four tasks; additional case studies, several deliverables, and marketing of research findings and documents.

Phase II Tasks/ Deliverables
Task 2.1: Conduct Additional Case Studies

Task 2.2: Deliverable, Case Study Findings, “The Story”

Task 2.3: Deliverable, Guidebook with Final Strategy and Materials

Task 2.4: Deliverable, Webinar and Social Media

Project Schedule
May 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016

Project Budget
Total Project Cost     $140,220


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