2015 GIS in Transit Conference

This unique conference is for transit planners, managers, researchers and  GIS industry experts who are interested in sharing ways to use geographic and spatial analysis in transit planning, operations, and marketing to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Conference Objectives

  • Provide transit professionals with experience and interest in GIS an opportunity to learn from peers and industry experts (vendors, researchers, and practitioners)
  • Discuss emerging trends in geo-spatial analysis and transit informatics
  • Demonstrate the use of GIS data to improve transit efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provide a forum for public-private discussions about practical applications of new technologies

Mark Your Calendar!

2015 GIS in Transit Conference
Presented by URISA, the National Center for Transit Research and the Transportation Research Board
Hamilton Crowne Plaza Washington, DC
September 1-3, 2015 (Note that Labor Day is September 7 this year)
Registration and More

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