Statewide Transit Technical Assistance and Training Program

(Center Identification Number: 77973-00)

Project Managers:

Lisa Staes, Program Director
Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR)
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CUT 100
Tampa, Florida  33620-5375
(813) 974-9787

Rob Gregg
Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR)
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CUT 100
Tampa, Florida  33620-5375
(813) 974-8383


The Statewide Technical Assistance and Training Program provides training and technical assistance to Florida’s public transportation community.  The purpose of the program is to ensure the highest level of productivity among transit professionals, promote and encourage management and operational efficiencies, promote and ensure safety and security at Florida’s transit properties, and ensure the provision of more cost-effective transit services.  Courses and workshops are provided throughout the year on wide ranging topics across transit disciplines.  In addition, the program is also central to the Annual FPTA/FDOT/CUTR Professional Development Workshop is held each June in Tampa, which combines structured training courses, project/program specific presentations, panel sessions, and roundtable topic-specific discussions in the areas of marketing, planning, transit operations, and transit maintenance management.

Technical assistance in the form of route restructuring, policy board assistance, AVL/APTS technology application, agency restructuring and management productivity, National Transit Database reporting, and many others, has allowed transit agencies to be more productive, ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, and be more efficient and cost-effective in the provision of transit services.

Accomplishments & Plans

Task- Administration

  • General program administration
  • Regular program meetings of FDOT/CUTR team management to set program priorities, monitor progress/schedules, and ensure quality and responsiveness of CUTR efforts.

Task- Program Marketing

  • Monitored and maintained e-mail requests for training and technical assistance
  • Coordinated, developed and distribution the monthly “Florida Transit Training” eblast
  • Update (delete and add) Florida’s public transportation professional’s contact information
  • Monitored and updated training offerings to CUTR, RTAP, Operator Training, FTSN, and other relevant website

Task- Monitor Training Audience

  • Received, processed and filed participant registration forms
  • Mailed registration confirmations including training logistics information (start time, end time, directions/maps, parking passes, parking instructions, hotel recommendations, etc.

Task- Development/Implementation

  • Continued to keep an open line of communication with both the FDOT Program Manager and the transit agency personnel
  • Continued to keep an open line of communication with USDOT Transportation Safety Institute and the National Transit Institute (email/telephone)
  • Identified training location, negotiated costs with independent trainers for training courses issuing purchase orders, and approving final invoices.
  • Created full record course file folders for each training which includes a copy of the registration flier, registration forms, attendee list, purchase order, invoice, general correspondence, course evaluations and additional correspondence

Task- Produce Training Materials

  • Provided copies of training materials and handouts to participants.

Task- Training Delivery

  • Processed and pay training related invoices
  • Coordinated and provided training facilities
  • Set up training facilities
  • Hosted the training courses
  • Processed registrations
  • Marketed the courses
  • Provided training technical support to trainers and participants
  • Produced training materials
  • Distributed and reviewed course evaluations
  • Courses offered during the quarter included:
  • FPTA/FDOT/CUTR Professional Development Workshop, June 2-4, 2014
  • FTA Triennial Review Workshop, June 17-18, 2014

Task- Target Results

  • Disseminated electronic evaluations to both participants and the instructors
  • These evaluations were reviewed by the project managers and kept on file. Evaluation feedback forms were provided to instructors on an as needed basis

Task- Onsite Technical Support

  • Provided audio visual equipment for training courses
  • Provided technical support and set up for onsite instructor(s)

Task- Learning Management System

  • Manage LMS
  • Coordinated with other FDOT training program managers to coordinate the selection of a LMS solution

Task-Technical Assistance Request

  • In cooperation with FDOT’s Central Office, performed technical assistance by developing a template of a Title VI Plan for FDOT sub-recipients to use in developing their own Title VI Plans
  • Coordinated with District II and collaborated for development of Title VI program templates
  • Developed PowerPoint Title VI Compliance Requirements and Procedures for Subgrantees of FDOT Administered FTA Grants
  • Updated 5310 Program PowerPoint for FDOT Workshops to current and potential grantees
  • Developed Draft Consultant Request for Proposals (RFP) and procurement process for FDOT to acquire consultant contractor to conduct grant compliance reviews
  • Established support role of CUTR for FDOT procurement process and post award activities to coordinate with consultant
  • Performed other technical assistance activities as directed by the FDOT project manager

Project Schedule

July 2013 to July 2014

Budget Summary

Total Project Cost $41,479.44


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