Journal of Public Transportation – Vol. 17 No. 3 (2014)

Volume 17, No 3, 2014 of the Journal of Public Transportation is now available. Click on the links below to view the articles or obtain a full text version of this issue.

Integrating Livability Principles into Transit Planning: Screening Chicago Bus Rapid Transit Opportunities
Joshua K. Anderson and Josh Ellis

The Effect of Density and Trip-Chaining on the Interaction between Urban Form and Transit Demand
Sisinnio Concas and Joseph S. DeSalvo

Improving Fuel Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions from Buses in India
Sudhir Gota, Parthaa Bosu, and Sameera Kumar Anthapur

Critical Appraisal of Web-Based Passenger Information Systems
Gaurav V. Jain, S. S. Jain, and Manoranjan Parida

Analysis of Visitor Satisfaction with Public Transport in Munich
Diem-Trinh Le-Klähn, C. Michael Hall, and Regine Gerike

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Onboard Video Feedback Systems on Reducing Transit Collisions and Injuries
Michael Litschi and Peter Haas

HOT for Transit? Transit’s Experience of High-Occupancy Toll Lanes
Gregory L. Newmark

Intelligent Taxi Dispatch System for Advance Reservations
Hao Wang, Ruey Long Cheu, and Der-Horng Lee

A Transit-Based Evacuation Model for Metropolitan Areas
Xin Zhang and Gang-len Chang

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