When High Performance Passenger Rail Comes: Optimal Rail Service Planning in a Shared User Passenger and Freight Corridor – Scope

(Center Identification Number: 79060-02-C)

Principal Investigator
Stephen Schlickman

Project Scope
The objective of the present study is therefore to introduce the concept of strategic level scheduling to train operational planning on shared use passenger and freight rail corridors, considering the introduction of high performance passenger services. This study will offer a most comprehensive consideration of different cost components involved in both the passenger and freight train operation sides. In particular, the strategic level scheduling attempts to produce train timetables that are in accordance with the operational nature of shared use corridors and in consideration of passenger schedule delay, the latter of which represents an integral and significant component in intercity passenger transportation but is often ignored in existing train scheduling research and practice.

Tasks/ Deliverables
1) Reviewing existing literature on strategic train operation planning on shared use passenger and freight corridors.

2) Developing mathematical models to characterize future high performance passenger rail service planning on shared use corridors.

3) Conducting case studies to validate the model developed in step 2), identify key factors on corridor performance, and quantify their impacts.

4) Providing planning and policy recommendations for future high performance passenger rail development on shared use corridors in the US.

Project Schedule
July 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014

Project Budget
Total Project Cost     $27,387


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