Green Transportation Programs in the Healthcare Sector: Best Practices and Potential Opportunities – Scope

(Center Identification Number: 79060-02-C)

Principal Investigator
Stephen Schlickman

Project Scope
This project will investigate the potential opportunities of reducing transportation­related carbon footprint from healthcare facilities. We will refer to the findings from our previous surveys of three hospitals in Chicago and expand to a nation-wide study. We will identify best practices of alternative transportation programs adopted in the healthcare sector and conduct in-depth case studies. In particular, we will explore the impetus for developing, sustaining, and growing green commuting programs, financing mechanism, results and observed benefits, as well as challenges in those institutions. We will also evaluate the cost effectiveness of various transportation programs, and scale up environmental impacts from single hospitals to the region and nation, considering the growing trend of the health care sector in terms of both facilities and employees.

Tasks/ Deliverables
When completed, this project is expected to deliver:

1) best-practice references for the health care sector with a focus on its design and implementation of facility siting and employer­sponsored transportation programs;

2) policy recommendations and data references for municipal and regional planning agencies to incorporate healthcare facilities into regional transportation demand management; and

3) conference and journal publications.

Project Schedule
July 1, 2014 to February 29, 2016

Project Budget
Total Project Cost     $73,027


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