An Online Tool for Computing and Presenting Regional Accessibility Measures– Scope

(Center Identification Number: 79060-02-C)

Principal Investigator
Stephen Schlickman

Project Scope
This project aims to develop innovative metrics for measuring transit and multimodal accessibility in the Chicago metropolitan region and integrating these measures into an open online interactive tool for use by planners. The project will look at access to jobs as well access to activities key for livable communities – schools, parks, shopping, etc. One of the goals of the project is to complement often used measures of accessibility that focus on one transportation mode with a multimodal perspective. In addition, it seeks to develop measures that take into consideration resident’s capabilities to undertake travel as described by car ownership rates, disability, age, and income. Such a combined approach would help properly prioritize areas lacking in accessibility. The project will also integrate healthy transportation choices (walking, bicycling) into the multimodal measure of access for residents – an approach which also seeks to disentangle issues related to last-mile problems. Metropolitan planning agencies as well as other smaller cities and municipalities, who may not have the manpower or tools to perform these tasks, can leverage the online tool in their assessment of transportation and land use in their jurisdictions. The scope of work for the project includes:

  • Literature Review: complete a through literature review of various measures of accessibility.
  • Measuring Accessibility: develop measures of accessibility that are both multimodal and take into consideration the neighborhoods and residents for which access is being calculated.
  • Data Compilation: collect and compile land use, transportation, and demographic data from various regional and national sources.
  • Programming: development of an online interactive multi-modal accessibility measurement tool.
  • Documentation: A final report detailing the measures and illustrating use of the tool.

Tasks/ Deliverables
An online interactive tool for measuring multi-modal accessibility. The tool will have the capability to present:

o          Measures that focus on transit service as well as non-motorized and motorized connections

o          Measures that look at accessibility over the course of the day ( e.g. which may be important for shift workers for example)

o          Measures tailored to different industry classes

o          Measures of access to land use key to livability (parks, schools, shopping)

o          Traditional and novel measures to regional accessibility
Final report

Project Schedule
July 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014

Project Budget
Total Project Cost     $57,703





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