Multimodal Transportation Best Practices and Model Element

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This report provides guidance in developing a multimodal transportation element of a local government comprehensive plan. Two model elements were developed to address differences in statutory requirements for communities of different sizes and planning context. The first model element includes guidance for large local governments and those within the boundary of a metropolitan planning organization (MPO). The second includes guidance for smaller or more rural communities outside of MPO boundaries. Each model element encourages a range of best practices in multimodal transportation planning as identified through a review of the literature, agency plans, and related documents. The guidance is designed for consistency with §163.3177(6)(b), Florida Statutes (F.S.), of the 2011 Florida Community Planning Act. As such, emphasis is placed on ensuring a multimodal transportation system appropriate to the size and character of the community, providing for public transportation as feasible, improving accessibility and connectivity between modes, and coordination with land use and plans of other transportation agencies and modal providers. Contents include guidance on establishing a community vision and priorities, relevant and professionally accepted data sources and analysis procedures/tools, guidance on existing and future conditions analysis and mapping, establishing quality/ level of service standards and other performance measures or benchmarks, future transportation system network planning strategies, and example goals, objectives, policies, and strategies.

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