Evaluation of Rear-end Bus Collisions and Identification of Possible Solutions

(Center Identification Number: 77955)77955

The purpose of this project was to conduct a systematic study of rear-end collisions between motorists and public transit buses. We examined both cases in which the vehicle rear-ended the bus (rear-ended collision) and in which the bus rear-ended the vehicle (rear-ending collision); the term rear-end collision includes both types of collision. The project had the following objectives:

  • Determine if rear-end collisions are increasing
  • Conduct an assessment to ascertain the prevalence of rear-end collisions
  • Identify conditions that exist when rear-end collisions occur
  • Identify mitigation strategies for agencies that have identified rear-end collisions as a major issue
  • Assess impact of Yield to Bus and pull-out bays on rear-end collisions, and
  • Identify solutions and/or strategies to reduce rear-end collisions.

Download the final report. For more information, contact William Morris at wpmorris@cutr.usf.edu or Christopher DeAnnuntis at deannuntis@cutr.usf.edu.

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