Transportation Needs Assessment: Planning Transportation to Meet the Needs of an Aging Illinois-Scope

(Center Identification Number: 79060-2-C)

Principal Investigator

Dr. P. S. Sriraj
Director, Metropolitan Transportation Support Initiative (METSI)
Research Assistant Professor
Urban Transportation Center
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
412 S. Peoria Street, Suite 340
Chicago, IL 60607

Project Scope

For a combination of reasons, including the recent shift towards home and community based health care services, Illinois’ future appears likely to include the need to recognize and support its older adult population successfully and healthily aging within their homes and communities.  To successfully meet this future, Illinois and its regions and communities needs to address its transportation, housing, and human service challenges in an integrated manner.


  • Data analysis to measure need using American Community Survey data and other secondary sources by geography across Illinois
  • Review of existing state and local plans and activities aimed at meeting transportation needs of aging population and people with disabilities
  • Comparative mapping of HSTP and AAA regions
  • HSTP regional planning coordinator site visits/interviews (including discussion of process and involved stakeholders)
  • AAA site visits/interviews (including discussion of their role in HSTP planning)
  • Other key stakeholder site visits/interviews – including transportation providers, social service agencies, regional planners, academic researchers, etc.
  • Review of available regional HSTP data
  • Review of available AAA transportation program data
  • Comparative data analysis from 2 or 3 selected HSTP and AAA regions (one is likely to be suburban Cook County)
  • Promising practices reviews – Illinois and nationally – by type (urban, suburban, exurban, rural)
  • Discussion of the extent of integrated multi-modal programs – what types of transportation program components are included, and are there other components that might also be included
  • Findings report, with charts, tables, graphics, and recommendations

Designated Personnel

Lauren Nolan – economic development planner: data management and analysis

Brad Winick – consultant: case studies, policy and planning implications of research

Janet smith – data analysis

Yittayih Zelalem – project management

Project Schedule

January 2014 – June 2014


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