Yearly archive for 2013

Forecasting Paratransit Services Demand – Review and Recommendations

(Center Identification Number: 77938) Travel demand forecasting tools for Florida’s paratransit services are outdated, utilizing old national trip generation rate generalities and simple linear regression models. In its guidance for the development of mandated Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plans (TDSP), the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD)

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FLOW – Volume 6, Issue 1

The May 2013 Volume 6, Issue 1 of FLOW, the official NCTR newsletter, is now available. Featured articles include: GIS in Transit Conference Evaluation of Side Camera Systems to Reduce Bus Side Collisions NCTR Project List NCTR-Hosted Public Transportation Listservs

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Analysis of Movable Bus Stop Boarding and Alighting Areas

(Center Identification #79050-02-B) This study explored the feasibility of using movable and reusable boarding and alighting (B&A) pads at bus stops.  Potential design alternatives in terms of materials and structural support for these pads were evaluated. The review focused on the existing and alternative design materials, especially in

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