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Monthly archive for December 2013

Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Financial Incentives in Managing Travel Demand Management (TDM)

(Center Identification Number: 77947) Providing financial incentives to commuters to use alternative modes is a common element of managing transportation demand. Although these incentives have become common during the past two decades as elements of transportation demand management (TDM) programs, limited effort has been made to understand

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Improved Traffic Control Measures to Prevent Incorrect Turns at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

(Center Identification Number: 77950) A number of injuries and fatal collisions have occurred at certain highway-rail grade crossings that are located immediately adjacent to highway intersections, driveways or interstate ramps. Some guide signage, pavement markings, and other traffic control devices present near or at the crossings in

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The Modern Streetcar in the U.S.: An Examination of Its Ridership, Performance, and Function as a Public Transportation Mode

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 16, Issue 4 (2013) by Jeffrey Brown Seven U.S. cities reported operating streetcar service to the National Transit Database in 2012, and many other cities are building or planning streetcar investments. Yet despite the increased popularity of streetcar investments, there

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Examining the Ridership Attraction Potential of Bus Rapid Transit: A Quantitative Analysis of Image and Perception

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 16, Issue 4 (2013) by Alasdair Cain and Jennifer Flynn If public transit is to attract discretionary riders, it must offer high-quality service and convey an attractive image. Although Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is designed to emulate rail-based transit, there

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Bike-and-Ride: Build It and They Will Come

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 16, Issue 4 (2013) by Robert Cervero, Benjamin Caldwell, and Jesus Cuellar Converting park-and-ride to bike-and-ride trips could yield important environmental, energy conservation, and public-health benefits. While cycling in general is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, it still

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