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Monthly archive for May 2013

Analysis of Movable Bus Stop Boarding and Alighting Areas

(Center Identification #79050-02-B) This study explored the feasibility of using movable and reusable boarding and alighting (B&A) pads at bus stops.  Potential design alternatives in terms of materials and structural support for these pads were evaluated. The review focused on the existing and alternative design materials, especially in

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Recommendations for Yield-to-Bus Traffic Control Devices and Bus Pullout Bays Design Characteristics

(Center Identification Number: 77939) Bus pullout bays are being installed increasingly on Florida’s roads as a safety factor and so that stopped buses do not impede traffic. In Florida, state law requires car drivers to yield to buses when a bus needs to reenter the roadway after

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Quantifying the Benefits of the Florida Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services (TRIPS) Program

(Center Identification Number: 77936) This study details the analysis of the Florida Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services (TRIPS) Program. It provides a comparative assessment of the program with respect to out-of-state practice, provides recommendations to improve life cycle vehicle data reporting procedures and details benefits of the

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