Disruptive Innovations in Ridesharing webinar

On April 17, 2013, NCTR and the Ridesharing Institute co-hosted “Disruptive Innovations in Ridesharing”.  The recording and handouts are below.  Overview: Transportation systems in many North American cities are being disrupted by the arrival of a new form of ridesharing: the “smart-phone dispatched shared ride”.  Some claim these are unregulated taxis, while others see this as the key to unlocking the empty-seat resource to reduce congestion.  Some regulators are fighting back, while others are changing laws to make it easier for the newcomers.

In their paper, Ridesharing in North America: Past, Present, and Future, Susan Shaheen and Nelson Chan explored the history of this energy conserving and congestion reducing transport mode, and envisioned a future that didn’t anticipate arranging private transportation for customers ‘on-demand’ via smart-phone apps.  And yet within two years services these ‘instant ride-sourcing’ services such as Uber, SideCar, Lyft, and Hailo are the ones setting an aggressive pace for reform.  Now the content is being updated, and the future re-envisioned in real time.


  • Report author Susan Shaheen, of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, describes the background to Ridesharing and provides a provocative analysis of the new trends (pdf copy of presentation)

Our panel responds to Dr Shaheen’s analysis.  The panel is made up of:

  • Sunil Paul, CEO of SideCar (no handouts)
  • Timothy Papandreou, Deputy Director, Sustainable Streets Planning, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (pdf copy of presentation);
  • Larry Filler, Regional Director, UrbanTrans North America, moderated.


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