State and Federal BRT Project Development Procedures: Managing Differences and Project Implementation Delays

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 16, Issue 1 (2013) by Mark A. Miller

Implementing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that is on a State Highway System and is part of the federal New Starts Project Planning and Development Program brings together two traditionally-separate types of transportation implementation projects: the traditional highway construction project and a public transportation project. The project development procedures (PDPs) for each of these types of projects—both of which must at times be followed—sometimes differ and can result in conflicts arising, can contribute to the use of resources that might not otherwise be used, and can create project implementation delays. An investigation was conducted of site-specific BRT projects, initially focusing on California and then extending nationwide, which led to the development of recommendations that, when put into practice, can help BRT project implementers mitigate the impact of having to follow multiple sets of PDPs and help implement the project more efficiently. View the full article or the entire Journal issue.