Implementing Transit Coordination in North Dakota Pilot Regions

Map for Implementing Transit Coordination in North DakotaThis project was designed to facilitate further regional transit coordination in North Dakota as mandated by the 2009 Legislature when it enacted Senate Bill No. 2223.  The intent of the bill was to coordinate the provision of public transportation services, reduce fragmentation and duplication, and increase effectiveness and efficiency.
The bill directed the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) to develop coordination pilot projects in two regions of the state. One region was to have a city with a population of over 35,000, and one was to have no city with a population of 35,000 or more. The department subsequently chose the south central and west central regions to serve as the focus of related coordination efforts.
NDDOT subsequently contracted with the Small Urban & Rural Transit Center (SURTC) to study various coordination options and to develop corresponding recommendations. The resulting report was completed in December 2010. NDDOT presented it to the Legislative Council in January 2011.

Download final report.

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