Copy of slides of Darren Buck’s presentation

Copy of slides of Darren Buck's presentation

A pdf copy of the presentation, Transit With Bikesharing: Overview of Practice and Potential, by Darren Buck, FTA Office of Research, Demonstration, and Innovation (on detail)

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  1. I was on vacation during the webinar and just had a chance to review the presentation slides. This is great information.

    We have a small county-wide transit agency, that links with several local city agencies, including a in our university town of San Luis Obispo. A bike sharing program, such as the pilot getting ready to start in Fullerton, would help reduce bus travel in congested university areas, and link the downtown area to the university, as well as other employment areas currently too far to walk and unappealing for slow transit transfers.

    thanks for all this great information with real programs and all kinds of info on hard costs, different operating models and pros and cons of each. It was very informative and helpful in future program considerations.

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