Journal of Public Transportation – Vol. 14 No. 2 (2011)

Journal of Public TransportationVolume 14, No 2, 2011  of the Journal of Public Transportation is now available.   Click on the links below to view the articles or obtain a full text version of this issue.

Section 5310 Transportation State Management Plans: A Baseline Review
Alexandra Enders and Tom Seekins, University of Montana

University Traveler Value of Potential Real-Time Transit Information
Ryan N. Fries, Southern Illinois University

Influences on Public Transport Utilization: The Case of Auckland
Mark R. Greer, Dowling College, Bart van Campen, The Energy Centre, The University of Auckland Business School

A Composite Index of Public Transit Accessibility
Md. Sha Al Mamun and Nicholas E. Lownes, University of Connecticut

Tennessee Vans: A User-Based and Financially-Sustainable Approach to Develop Community Mobility Resources
Theodore J. Newsom and Danielle F. Meyers, University of Tennessee

Identifying Inaccessible Areas with Potential to Enhance Transit Market
Srinivas S. Pulugurtha, Venkata Ramana Duddu, Rakesh Mora, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Selecting Bus Stops for Accessibility Improvements for Riders with Physical Disabilities
Wanyang Wu, Albert Gan, Fabian Cevallos, and L. David Shen, Florida International University

An Overview of Yield-to-Bus Programs in Florida
Huaguo Zhou, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Stephanie Bromfield, National Works Agency, Pei-Sung Lin, University of South Florida

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