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Monthly archive for February 2011

A Guide to Design, Policies, and Operational Characteristics for Shared Bicycle/Bus Lanes

(Center Identification Number: 77937) The objectives of the proposed study are to:(1) identify and describe the state of art and practice in the design, implementation, operation and use of shared bicycle/bus lanes, (2) evaluate the benefits and barriers to implementing these types of shared bicycle/bus lanes, and

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Quantifying the Benefits of the Florida Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services (TRIPS) Program

(Center Identification Number: 77936) The objective of this research project is to determine if any economic benefits are derived from the TRIPS Program. The focus of the research will be on the full range of benefits related to vehicle purchase on a life cycle basis to uncover

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Analysis of the Implementation Status of Impact of Transit Research

(Center Identification Number: 77934) In this study, NCTR will assess the implementation status and identify the outcomes and impacts of the results of the 40 FDOT-sponsored NCTR research projects that concluded in fiscal years 2007-2010.

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Dynamic Delivery of the National Transit Database Sampling Manual

(Center Identification Number: 77933) The objective of this project is to move the NTD Sampling Manual from its current static delivery format to a dynamic delivery format. Instead of pushing an entire manual of many possible applications to the audience, the dynamic delivery format allows an user

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