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Monthly archive for January 2011

Estimating Costs and Benefits of Emissions Reduction Strategies for Transit by Extending the TRIMMS Model

(Center Identification Number: 77932) The objective of this research is to extend the evaluation of transit emission reduction strategies to provide a methodology for assessing the full benefits and costs associated with the implementation of the ozone reduction strategies and to account for a broad spectrum of

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Development of a Regional Public Transportation GIS Architecture and Data Model

(Center Identification Number: 77935) The objective of this project is to enable efficient and sustainable communication of spatial transit data between transit agencies within District 7 and FDOT District 7. This ability, in turn, will support the regional planning and operations efforts of FDOT District 7 and

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Assessing the Impact of Proposed Transit Investments and Public Policy Choices on Land Use Patterns (A Simulation Approach with UrbanSim)

(Center Identification Number: 77931) This study aims to develop a Land Use Model (LUM) using UrbanSim to assess the changes that might result in land use patterns from new “Fixed Guideway” or other similar transit investments in Hillsborough County. The potential of UrbanSim as a tool to

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