Tweeting Demand Management – Doing an About Face(book) on Marketing Travel Choices Net Conference

On October 15, 2009,  the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) and the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) at the University of South Florida held a netconference on Tweeting Demand Management – Doing an About Face(book) on Marketing Travel Choices.

Traffic has always been a social subject – today, instead of griping about it over the water cooler, many commuters take their travails online. The one-way streets of transportation demand management (TDM) marketing and communications are being paved over. Replacing print, radio, traditional outreach and other standard techniques is a new two-way road of conversation– social media. Learn from the real-world success stories of TDM organizations in Birmingham, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Ontario as they harness the power of social networks and social media to join the digital conversation, engage in dialogue with commuters in their areas, and realize a return on engagement that motivates change. Start thinking more like a social marketer by learning how to use social media to change travel behavior, and walk-away knowing what your TDM program needs before getting started.


  • Aaron Gaul, Manager, UrbanTrans Consultants (Toronto)
  • Candace Kemp McCaffery, Senior Vice President, Director of Interactive Services & Social Media, Cookerly Public Relations (Atlanta)

Moderator: Donna Smallwood, MassRIDES/URS Moderated by Donna Smallwood, MassRides/URS

The 74 minute streaming media recording also includes about 30 minutes of questions and answers.  Questions were fielded from an estimated 200 people  around the U.S. and Canada who heard the presentation live.

View the streaming media recording of the presentations  (You need Windows Media Player™  to view) (89 minutes)

Copy of all the PowerPoint slides (pdf)

We’d welcome your feedback of the netconference. Please go to  after viewing.

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