Household Attributes in a Transit-Oriented Development: Evidence from Taipei

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 12, Issue 2 (2009) by Jen-Jia Lin and Ya-Chun Jen


This empirical study of the Metro Danshui Line in Taipei analyzed the attributes of households residing in “areas with significant attributes of TOD built environment” (TOD+) by applying a questionnaire survey and binary logit model. The empirical results were the following: household income, household size, and floor space needs are negatively associated with TOD+; the presence of children or elderly family members and preference for dense development, mixed land use and public facilities are positively related to TOD+. Based on the empirical findings of this study and the objective of deploying TODs near metro stations, general strategic directions for land use planning and property marketing are recommended to government agencies and real estate developers. View the full article or the entire Journal issue.